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Coat of the Agunot

Coat of the Agunot

Andi LaVine Arnovitz. Coat of the Agunot, 2010.

The Coat of the Agunot is a symbolic coat made of thousands of tiny, torn pieces of Jewish marriage contracts. An Agunah, according to Jewish law, is a woman whose husband refuses to give her a "get," a legal document agreeing to divorce. Without it, the woman's status is forever "frozen": she can neither remarry, nor have a partner, and any future children would be considered illegitimate. Each piece of her marriage certificate has been sewn - a symbolic act which refers to every word which is binding her to her state. The sleeves and hem have been sewn shut to suggest that she is forever trapped: hemmed in by her marriage certificate, waiting for another piece of paper to free her.

Mixed Media

digital scans, Agunah, paper, chained woman, Ketubah, get, divorce

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Bak'a, Jerusalem

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