Education: Arty Facts Themes

A Year in Arty Facts

"Imagine, Create"
Our collections will inspire you to imagine and create new worlds while exploring color and other elements of art.

"Destination Brooklyn"
Brooklyn artists can be found everywhere in the Museum! Learn about the art, history, and culture of our borough.

As the weather cools and the days grow shorter, observe how artists use light and make your own bright artwork.
Note: There will be no Arty Facts December 21 or 28.

"Mix It Up"
Artists combine, transform, and rearrange objects and ideas to create in innovative ways. What can you mix up to show off your creativity?
Note: Crossing Brooklyn artist Miguel Luciano visits Arty Facts on January 4.

"Collection Connection: Visible Storage"
Peek inside Luce Visible Storage to find connections with other pieces on view throughout the Museum.
Note: Brooklyn artist Lan Tuazon visits Arty Facts on February 8.

"Go Figure!"
Observe gesture and expression in works ranging from ancient Egyptian figures to beautifully rendered portraits in the installation American Identities.
Note: Brooklyn artist Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze visits Arty Facts on March 8.

"Art Now!"
Learn how artists today create. Explore the cultures and techniques that influence contemporary artists and then make your own innovative art.
Note: There will be no Arty Facts on April 5. Crossing Brooklyn artist Nobutaka Aozaki visits Arty Facts on April 12.

"En Plein Air"
En plein air is a French expression meaning "in the open air."  As the spring air warms and summer nears, create art inspired by nature.
Note: There will be no Arty Facts on May 24 or 31.

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Child drawing at the Museum