Exhibitions: Basquiat

In 1984, Basquiat began pursuing a new layering technique. Instead of taking his drawings to the photocopy shop, he took them to a silkscreen studio, where they were transferred onto screens and printed onto the canvas. He then worked from this base—painting, drawing, and adding more silkscreened images to build the picture surface into a complex, multilayered network of interrelated images, all connected by rich, tactile brushwork.

Basquiat worked at several silkscreen studios, including Andy Warhol's. In fact, the two artists collaborated on a series of paintings in late 1984. It is in these works that we see the fundamental difference between the two artists: Warhol coolly chooses actual images from the existing world to reproduce photomechanically on canvas, while Basquiat reinvents and reinterprets them with marks made by his own hand.

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