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Street to Studio: The Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Presented by JPMorganChase.
"I'd say my mother gave me all the primary things. The art came from her." — Jean-Michel Basquiat

This painting has had at least three different titles at different times: El Gran Espectáculo and History of Black People as well as the current name, The Nile. How is each name appropriate in its own way? What would you choose to call this painting?

What does this painting say about Basquiat's personal heritage as a black, male, Caribbean, Brooklyn-born, Spanish-speaking artist? How does The Nile make you think about your own heritage?

Image of The Nile
Enlarge Painting

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Cesar Antonio Lopez Cabrera from San Juan Puerto Rico, on the Web
"I'd say my mother gave me all the primary things. The art came from her." ? Jean-Michel Basquiat

Then why isn?t at least is his mothers last name in a web-page dedicated to him.
Karen from Adelphi, on the Web
I only learned about the artist when I saw the movie on
his life. Having peaked my interest, I explored further on
the web and found his art fascinating in the possibilities it
stirred in my mind. Some comments suggest that his art
is born of a drug dementia. But many great artists were so highly
creative and in tune with the social reality of the day that
the drugs did not cloud that creative brilliance. Lets talk
about one of Basquait's hero's, Charlie Parker. Lets talk
about Jimmy Hendricks and Janis Joplin. It seems to me
that their creativity made them so in touch with the
social reality in a way that the drugs were neither a
catalist nor a hinderance to the art (be it music or paintings)
that resulted. Basquait in my view creates an amazing mixture
of surealism and abstract that depicts various aspects of
the social, economic, and cultural scene that he lived, which
was filtered through his creative genius. It is for the world
to love, hate, appreciate, admire. No matter where you
fall on the spectrum, your creative, intellectual, and social
mind has been engaged, and isn't that what art is about?????
ALISSA GOLDBERG from New orelans, on the Web
this is a really good painting it decribes his life and soul must have been tough
Luke Democracy from Ohio boise in calcuta, on the Web
heylo basquiate i woulld very much like to be freinds even thugh your dead we ca still be friends meet me at the grave stone in 45 minutes so we connct and share artitistic thoughts and maybe more i love you basqiuate
Sarah from Houston, on the Web
These paintings are very odd but original. I don't really understand many of them, but they are fun to look at. It kind of looks like graffitti, or like a little kid did them. I could probably do this myself. Even if I could, Basquiate was the first to do it. Very original. I like the milk one.
Edith Nino from Caracas, Venezuela in Houston, on the Web
The work of an artist is the means of expressing opinions and perceptions of what is and is not there.This painting explores the different meanings that the objects in the paintings have.It is a way of showing an immigrant and ever changing America.The true identity of what one is can be traced back to ancestors, culture, beliefs, and experiences.
Cindy Mae from Houston, on the Web
His soul and emotions are shown through his artwork.
Very few artist are able to do so.
Spiritual, historical, and personal describe Basquiat's style.
PeeGee from Houston, on the Web
People people get a grip. Maybe with a stiff drink I?ll see the art (wink! wink!)
ReeRee from Los Angeles, on the Web
Pee Gee - your a hater! (wink? wink?)
What happened to Basquiat's art after he passed away? Did he have children? What about the movie w/David Bowie and Jeffrey Wright(who plays Basquiat)?
P.O.B from London, UK, on the Web
Wow... You've got an artist there! Everybody please look at Devoted Fan's Inspiration (with a capital I, yes, yes, yes) and read at least what he said, before posting!
Wizard of words, Devoted Fan tries to convey his own truth about your idol, sir, madam. But, oh, madman amongst the madmen, he does it with such tact and intelligence that nobody notices, under his heavy idioms, his incomprehensible expressions and their nauseating metaphors, the hidden meaning...
Bring some tissue - some will want to cry! Others will feel the call of nature: To Communion, To Communion With Our Beloved Earth!
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Ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih ih!
Devoted Fan, je te salue... Mon chapeau, bien bas, presque au sol, touchera peut-etre le niveau de ton esprit!