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Street to Studio: The Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Presented by JPMorganChase.
"I'd say my mother gave me all the primary things. The art came from her." — Jean-Michel Basquiat

This painting has had at least three different titles at different times: El Gran Espectáculo and History of Black People as well as the current name, The Nile. How is each name appropriate in its own way? What would you choose to call this painting?

What does this painting say about Basquiat's personal heritage as a black, male, Caribbean, Brooklyn-born, Spanish-speaking artist? How does The Nile make you think about your own heritage?

Image of The Nile
Enlarge Painting

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Gabriel Trevino from Brownsville, Texas , on the Web

Career suicide", my wife tells me. What do you do for a living ? Live and paint.
I also work in the automotive industry. I serve one of the big three.
Can you truly explain what your paintings mean ? Yes and no, maybe.
When I am hungry I eat, when I feel I paint.
An artist is always working. He must be stragetic in what he does, everything
must be meaningfull. He is on the clock, soon to get old. In the end he must
turn in a great life. Great enough so that people never forget.
Sometimes I feel like a musician with no music, a poet with no words.
So I paint sounds with strokes and express my thoughts with my artwork.
I sit now and ponder. There are art shows to come.
Here is to the sake of infinite madness and to the unveiling of masterpieces in
modern art.
Will to create history. Will to create art.
mark chartier from chicopee massachusetts, on the Web
i think his art is very unieqe it's very appealing to me he uses many colores it's very said that we will never get to see any more of his master pieces god bless and RIP