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Street to Studio: The Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Presented by JPMorganChase.
Visual Poetry
"If you read his canvases out loud to yourself, the repetition, the rhythm, you can hear Jean-Michel thinking. You can see that this is a poetic, rhythmic type of blending of word with image." — Fred Brathwaite (Fab 5 Freddy)

Think about Ricard's interpretation of Jimmy Best... Why do you agree or disagree with him that racism is an issue here?

Basquiat made this painting nearly twenty-five years ago. What in your life will forever affect who you are and what you will become? Have you or your friends experienced racism? What have you learned from these experiences?

Image of Jimmy Best...
Enlarge Painting
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Preston from Brooklyn, on the Web
I believe Ricard's interpretation of Jimmy Best is just because at that time period, racism was still a major factor in society. Basquiat might have been through the struggle of racism and is trying to express his feelings on the canvas. I believe that racism is described/shown in this paitning because twenty five years ago, civil rights was more of an issue back then that it is today. Such issues led to hatred and prejudice between color citizens. On the contrary, racism is less of an issue today than it was decades ago.

We, today, are obliged for our human and civil rights. Two decades ago, people were struggling to gain their rights. Ricard might have interpreted his painting as how an African American or Latino background was treated in society. There must have been a stong possibility that there was an event that caused or influenced how Ricard interpret this piece. I believe that he and Basquiat both had an issue of racism and had strong feelings towards it.
Hal from Brooklyn, on the Web
I think it's interesting to make a painting that's mostly words. Why not just write a poem? But I still like "Jimmy Best," cause it looks like a painting. It's really energetic. I can feel the cars crashing together.
Nicole S. O'Connor from Brooklyn, on the Web
"Jimmy Best" to me represents the crashing we experience in life. The ups and downs. Just when you think you have arrived and reached your destination, you fall, the explosion, the momentum, the confusion, the infusion of life's intricacies. How did that happened? How can you prevent that from happening again?
Christopher from Queens Ny, at the exhibition
I think that he is can do art and has great talent
Sydney aka Diva from Brooklyn, on the Web
The drawings of the cars and the crash seemed a little childlike but still extremely artistic. His work on this painting was inspiring and it spoke volumes. Poetry through art is a concept we don't see often so this is really refreshing. I enjoy Basquiat's work and am glad that I was introduced to it. The abstarct work is easily translated into emotions and feelings. It is a beautiful expression of childhood trauma.
Sherice AKA PGG from BKLYN from Brooklyn, on the Web
Inside Basquait's paintings are alot of different things. There are differents parts in the paintings that represents the black heritage such as the Black mask, the egyptian eye, water. The eye and the waves are examples of ancient Egyptian picture writing, called hieroglyphs. All of these objects he painted also represents him from his African American, Puerto Rican, and Brooklyn background.

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Sekeana a.k.a That shawty from the stuy from brooklyn , on the Web
In basquiat's artwork visualization poetry it talks about the different ways he like to do artwork.He do things that comes to his mind its like watever inspires him he would do.He use very good materials.Poetry is something that comes from the heart poerty is like cats and dogs jump and play.Cars crashing into each other is something he use because its artistic.But besides that hes art work is very good.
keana from brooklyn, on the Web
I agree with racism is a big point now because many different racial groups cant get along but its not only racial groups it can be gangs also many people now today dont get along with each other because of stupid bull Sh**t.
Lilly from Bronx,NY, on the Web
I agree with Hal from Brooklyn, it is very energetic. As soon as I saw this painting I thought "oh,WOW!"
I am not really in to aRt like that but for some reason Basquiat's art caught my attention.
luis aka wink from boogie down bronx , at the exhibition
im really feeling his paintings because of all the bright colors he uses it brings the picture out alltogether . who knows i might even buy one of these weird ass paintings.......................ahhh nevermind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!