De la Calle al Atelier: El arte de Jean-Michel Basquiat. Presentado por JPMorganChase.
"Desde que tenía diecisiete años, pensé que podía ser famoso. Pensaba en todos mis héroes, Charlie Parker, Jimi Hendrix.... Tuve una sensación romántica de cómo la gente se había vuelto famosa." — Jean-Michel Basquiat

Cuéntenos sobre otros artistas visuales que usted conozca cuyo trabajo se haya visto influenciado por la música.
¿De qué manera han crecido la música y la cultura hip hop durante los últimos veinte años?
¿Qué tipo de desafíos han tenido que enfrentar?
¿Cuáles son las nuevas expresiones artísticas dentro del hip hop?

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Akiko from Brooklyn, on the Web
The challenges that existed within hip-hop music and culture was the fight for acceptance and appreciation for this type of lyrical artistry. Besides having to face competition from other forms of popular music, it also had to spread its message of black culture and be considered a significant force within the music industry.
Quinelle from Brooklyn, on the Web
During the last twenty years, hip-hop has changed drastically. From 1985 to now, hip-hop has transformed from political expressions and black art form, to more of a commercial enterprise. The culture has become less raw to lyrics depicting images of drugs, sex and violence. It has lost its sense of artistic expression yet it has reached a zenith of popularity and is more accepted by a diverse society than it was before. They have also influenced the fashion industry with their sense of style and have claimed its place in pop culture.
Victor Littlejohn from Peekskill, NY, on the Web
Hip hop has has made a big change in music and art, everyone said it was a shot in the dark. The period of the early 80's hip hop and rap was raw and fresh much like Jean-Michel's work always changing finding some thing new which kept his work alive; you could always find something in his work the you didn't see before I never got bored with it.
I feel Jean-Michel is one of most important black artists of the 20th century.

I was lucky enough to have known Jean-Michel a few before his death Aug.1988. RIP JMB I'm sure your having a blast where ever you are.

Iyana from FL, on the Web
I was never lucky to meet Jean-Michael, but I feel his pain, his life, and his story. His story is mine. I find him raw and to the point. His pictures make one think about life, about our cultures, about our goals and about our failures. His paintings are about life, memories and death. He is as real as they come.
Sydney aka Diva from Brooklyn, on the Web
This painting is a great way to pay homage to the legendary Charlie Parker. It is an inspiring and creative way to pay tribute to a hero. Some may find it to be morbid but you have to have an open mind and know how to look deeper than the paint.
Hip-hop music and culture have changed a lot in the last twenty years. Though I am not twenty myself, old school is in my heart. That is all I listen to when I get in my old school moods other than that it's "white" music as its referred to by so many. I notice how back in the days hip-hop was about real life, now it's just a bunch of gangster Urkels who got some fly gear and some money and the makes them "hot". Hip-hop has become commercial and it drives me crazy to look back at old music videos and to listen to old music by the greats like Slick Rick, Dougie Fresh, Kool Mo Dee, Run DMC, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah and others and then to see todays crap and see the exact same thing in each video. Video hoochies and hos all over the screen with no self respect. Maybe I should rephrase what I'm saying because honestly all hip-hop is not bad. Some of it is actually good. Its just that when the beats are good the words arent always. Sometimes the beat may be hot but then the words may be extremely degrading to women or people in general. R&B is cool with me but like I said before back in the days everything was real. The videos showed the environment that people lived in at that time.
Sekeana from BKLYN, on the Web
The paintings on hero's are very good he relates it to the people he looked up to such as jimi hendricks and charlie parker.Also he related it to hip hop in a way of how it inspiired him and how it keep him pianting and how he listened to it.
Anthony Freeman from BKLYN, on the Web
Why did he die
iain from nyc, at the exhibition
me no understand. say it in a way a 7 year old could understand.
Ruby from nyc, at the exhibition
I like the art work did you make them?
derek from mission viejo, on the Web
Thank you for this opportunity.

I happened have to played a small role in a Hip Hop film called "Body Rock" starring Lorenzo Lamas. I played a characted called "Maurice Bizarre".
Little did I know at the time this role was trying to mirror Basquiats life, I hadn't heard of Basquiat until then -1985.

But it was Madonna interest in Basquiat that raised my awareness...she seems to find the BEST artist in the world, Famous and un-heard of!
Madonna has influenced art with almost every video and record she records!
She isn't regarded as an Hip Hop but, Madonna flows in and out smoothly through history and trends that the people find interest in. Leaving those like me that love Art, music, History and people wanting more.

Basquiats art is childlike and easy to look at. Basquiat is DEEP without being mis-understood. "What you see is what you get".
His dipiction of characters is comprehended easily too.
I also enjoy his work with Andy Warhol and Keith Harring.