De la Calle al Atelier: El arte de Jean-Michel Basquiat. Presentado por JPMorganChase.

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I find Basquiat's art inspiring even more so today. By reading some of the posts, it is amazing to see the tensions some feel with the unexplicable. He truly was a master and an originator of a style that incorporated images and words evoking feelings of self reflection, hope, and pain. Counter culture is now on display and addressed.
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Saw the exhibit today in Los Angeles. I would hope even though Basquiat may as an artist be identified in some way with hip-hop that people will take the time to explore the wonderful music and musicians that inspired him and influenced his work. JAZZ, BEBOP ! This music is still relevant today and it says a lot about Jean-Michel, who was not part of the jazz generation but born during the rock and roll era, that he listened extensively to jazz and that it accounted for so much of his personal record collection.
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Poesía Visual
I believe Ricard's interpretation of Jimmy Best is just because at that time period, racism was still a major factor in society. Basquiat might have been through the struggle of racism and is trying to express his feelings on the canvas. I believe that racism is described/shown in this paitning because twenty five years ago, civil rights was more of an issue back then that it is today. Such issues led to hatred and prejudice between color citizens. On the contrary, racism is less of an issue today than it was decades ago.

We, today, are obliged for our human and civil rights. Two decades ago, people were struggling to gain their rights. Ricard might have interpreted his painting as how an African American or Latino background was treated in society. There must have been a stong possibility that there was an event that caused or influenced how Ricard interpret this piece. I believe that he and Basquiat both had an issue of racism and had strong feelings towards it.
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Justicia e Igualdad
This is actually my first time seeing or even hearing about Basquiat. My girlfriend took me to the museum and i was taken aback by the art. I don't so much feel that it's only art but his way of being heard about his take on the world. I did enjoy it very much. The fact that he always had something to say in regards to poverty,capitalism, and just overall global economy really said something for who he is, what he beleives and how soceity was handled. I was trully inspired by his work and would love to explore it more. I wish i was shown such inspiration years ago.
I hope to learn more of his work.
Per Capita, 1981
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El Proceso Artístico
yo tengo los mismosgenes que esas pinturas
estoy encerrado en esta carcel!!!!!!
pinturas insuperables a la velocidad de la luz
ofrecer ala purulenta history del ArT!!!!!!!!

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Identidad Cultural
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