Exhibitions: Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art

Storm Saulter (b. Jamaica 1983). Waterboot, 2003. Single-channel DVD, color, sound, 2 min. 25 sec. Courtesy of Palm Pictures

Artist Statement

In a place where people cannot afford to create their identity through consumerism and conspicuous consumption, they must create identity from the inside out—suffering, rejoicing, working hard to survive, and living a real life. I believe this is why Jamaicans are so proud, unique, and fearless. This is why they are the inspiration for everything I do. My homeland is integral to my work. I retell these captured stories, exaggerating the most potent moments using repetition or playing with motion.



he looks like he is just relaxing and letting the breeze hit his face
— Posted by
he,s probably relaxing on his motorcycle rasta foright
— Posted by lansha fearon
this is funny and weird.
— Posted by elijah taylor
i hope he doesn'tt get hurt
— Posted by person
i think those people are amazing but kind of stupid.
— Posted by Eliot, 8
I love the Artists statement because it brings a lot more meaning to the piece. Being a Jamaican myself i absolutely agree with idea of having to create identity from the inside out. Use of motion symbolizes always going somewhere. Never being stagnant, and pushing for upward mobility no matter that trials and tribultions.
— Posted by MJB
this is real cool
— Posted by
Dont fall through the gap!
— Posted by joyce.b
when i grow up - i want to be just like him.. for real
— Posted by
That guy is nuts! But, if i made some of the comments about him that some of the Jamaicans have, I might considered a racist...(I'm not) But BOY that guy is NUTS!
— Posted by J
this is pretty cool.
— Posted by Ranchy Barjon
yea jamaicans are fearless because they been throught alot of things that most mericns have been throught hardship and suffering
— Posted by janelle
it would be a sad thing to see this guy hit a bump and go flying
— Posted by the fly
now, what would happen if this guy hit a bump and went flying....anyone have a catchers mitt or maybe a soft mattress
— Posted by r posada
This one made me a litle sad, as this talented guy probably is having his one moment of fame right now and the only way he can get it is by putting himself in danger. It reminds me of my incredibly talented 16 year old friend in Jamaica who has nowhere to go with his acting and gymnastic abilities that he developed himself, without any fancy classes. He will be lucky if he ever manages to buy into a boat and get to be a fisherman (which he doesn't want to do) as the only other possibility for young (or older) men in his town is scratching a few vegetables from the ground or dealing ganja to the tourists. There is a reckless dead-end feeling to these photos.
— Posted by dr. freud
This video production seemed to be relatable but it doesn't portray much about the people in relation to their emotions and how they view their unique form of expression. It doesn't show how the bike-riding creates individualism among the commmunity. However it does show how in a society where money is little and survival is hard, people are able to enjoy and express themselves. Dance creates this outlet for them.
— Posted by Roxanne Ali
i think its hot but i think he gonna undastand wen he gets himself in a accident....
— Posted by Dana Boo
it makes me think hes silly
— Posted by maya age 4
Yup he's crazy but as a fellow jamaican i get it lol
— Posted by isha
Personally I think that what the guy is doing is danergous but as a fellow Jamaica I can understand his spunk. The will to do things that people find out of the norm.
— Posted by Francine R

Exhibition Highlights
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