Exhibitions: Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art

Alexandre Arrechea (b. Cuba1970). Elementos arquitectónicos I (Architectural Elements I), 2004. Chromogenic print, 43 1/4 x 31 1/2 in. (110 x 80 cm). Courtesy of the artist and Magnan Projects, New York

Artist Statement

My special interest is urbanism—life in, around, and within city structures. . . . My work with the architectonic spaces has gone through several phases. I have tried to activate dead zones of the city. In other works, I have created transportable cities with social implications. More recently I have worked with closed-circuit cameras that are used in surveillance programs.



this shows how STRong PERSON CAN REALLY BE
— Posted by AMANDA
this is really a weird picece because a an lfting a ton of bricks.
— Posted by nikita
— Posted by person
Makes me think of race...how light skin and dark skin are together. One side is light skin and the other is dark skin..... and without Martin Luther King I would not be with my Best (and First) mentor!!!!!!!!!
— Posted by Pnyessa!!!
heavy burdens will not effect one if one has a strong and solid foundation.
— Posted by Nickeisha
it is very interesting
— Posted by shayanna
when I saw this piece i realized that the person carrying the bricks is completely blocked,you can't even see this persons face. Pondering on the significance of the piece i have realized that much of the people that live in the Caribbean are obliged to hard labor. These people are nonetheless identified buy the work they do rather than by there individual person.
— Posted by Angellina
This piece represents to me that the Caribbean is a more labor heavy area than the United States. This just goes to show that in the Caribbean, urbanism can still be more rural and more productive than most Americans can possibly fathom.
— Posted by Mr. Misguided
"the weight of history"
— Posted by adrienne rich
i am not sure what the artist is trying to say in his message...it seems one thing has nothing to do with the other
— Posted by confused
not sure if i agree with the idea that there is "implied symbolism" in said pieces but these pictures were tight nonetheless.
— Posted by jamaal
it looks like those were heavy!
— Posted by willik [age 6]
Incredible symbolism. Well done
— Posted by Taison
This piece is the most unique and honest in the show. Other work is more labor intensive but the forms are old and this one is very unique and real
— Posted by sara stites

Exhibition Highlights
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