Exhibitions: Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art

Glenda León (b. Cuba1976; works in Cuba and Germany). Prolongación del deseo (Extension of Desire), 2005. Lambda print, 2 3/8 x 128 in. (5.8 x 325 cm). Courtesy of the artist

Artist Statement

A Cuban reality expanded in time, extending: the Line, a symptom of Revolutionary Cuba. I see the line as an extension of desire of the person waiting to get the anticipated thing. The longer the waiting is, the bigger the projection of the desired object must appear in the person's head; otherwise it would be very easy to lose patience.



The way people stand in a line
— Posted by Amilia Velazquez And Sierra Daniels
It's interesting what people do while waiting in line...
— Posted by BxSci alumni
this is an amazing piece. It reveals one of the failures in the revolution. The revolution was to provide the basic needs, but as we see people have to wait in long lines to get a portion of their needs meet (by the ration system). The day to night, in my opinion reveals how long it does really take. As a Cuban, I know by reference that this is what happens in Cuba. And I disagree fully with Stephanie Fernandez (below me) about people fighting for rights. What rights and freedom? The Cuban people have none. Obviously, they can't get their needs meet as shown.
— Posted by Maríssa
i absolutely loved this because i didn't realize until the end that it progressed from day to night. beautiful!
— Posted by patrick
This is my favorite work of art. I really like the idea that this art is showing. I really believe in people fighting for what they deserve. I think that if many people got together to fight for a purpose that is important for many to be in peace. So I like this art representing people fighting for their rights and freedom, specially in Cuba.
— Posted by Stephanie Fernandez
a crowd looking to get in the museum for first saturday
— Posted by
This piece is awesome!!!!!!!! It's my favorite out of the whole museum!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Posted by Jacob
The representation from daytime to night time is remarkable.
— Posted by Janelle

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