Exhibitions: Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art

Ewan Atkinson (b. Barbados 1975). You Will Have to Use Soap, 2005. Digital print and mixed media, 24 1/2 x 16 in. (62.2 x 40.6 cm). Collection of Judilee Reed, Brooklyn, New York (Photo: Courtesy of the artist)

Artist Statement

The relationship between personality and space has always fueled my work. What factors have tied us to an identity? What choices have we been able to make in creating this aesthetic? I explore my own questions of identity, its influences and its limitations within a Caribbean society.



i like how the guy is looking up i wonder what he is looking at. this piece is very interesting, it makes you think
— Posted by amanda
looks really funny but it has this certain feeling that you just can't get out of your head
— Posted by sophia sqall
This is a nice picture of that person This kind of picture could be very cool to display in a bathroom or in a place that is very peaceful
— Posted by iman
thought-provoking piece
— Posted by Jamaican Princess
i think this talks to the heart
— Posted by Morriah
— Posted by KARiSHMA
— Posted by
confusing and amusing
— Posted by Pnyessa
This is funny
— Posted by Cierra Weeks
The artist was not afraid of showing his true feelings about his feelings on art
— Posted by Evan Wachowski
— Posted by
this was absoutely amazing
— Posted by
This picture is beautiful. I love the colors you choose. It looks like my bathroom
— Posted by Mimi
When you look at a picture like this, you might wonder what the artist was thinking and/ or doing at the time
— Posted by Curtis
— Posted by jakob
The is is a real piece of artwork. The style is incredible
— Posted by NA
i think its very interesting
— Posted by natalia naiya tenzin and chelsea
We first saw this work at Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami where it was installed with wallpaper behind the entire installation I would have enjoyed seeing more of Ewan's work in this exhibition. The work is complex and yet so relevant to the hyphenated lives that we live in this country as immigrants, Ewan is talented and certainly one to watch.
— Posted by Dr Patricia Ferdinand, Queens, NY and Miami
this photo reminds me of myself as well...lost in a big mans world...me and my bathtub
— Posted by julsie
This piece makes me miss the good old simpler days. Once you grow up ad become vulnerable to the world's biggest bullies (polictics, people that dictate your life and individuality, white or black), it's not hard to find yourself dwelling on the past and looking at the ceiling, air headed, and feel that burning sensation on your gut that makes you wished that...nothing had change since then. (youth) Thanks for the memory that was about to fall of the end of when the earth is flat inside my head. Memories are lost. This is refreshening. I simply love it.
— Posted by Leisy
"white and black make gray." white is clean. so interesting to see cultural values encoded in supposedly nuetral texts.
— Posted by shannon
it was a great piece
— Posted by melissa
i love this so much!!!!!!!
— Posted by tyesha sostre
this is real stupid i hate it
— Posted by princess esha
could have more detail
— Posted by sisi
This isn't art at all, spend your time somewhere else.
— Posted by Hideoyoshi
with this picture with the man in the bathtub is awesome. it shows his emotions and probably what he is thinking about. this guy is just sitting there probably imagining all sorts of things in his head. for example he could be thinking about good times he hadwith people.
— Posted by manyara
— Posted by
This work is amazing in its conbination of Caribbean humour and matters of life and death. Fabulous!!! truly stunning!!
— Posted by Stephen Russell
THIS ARTWORK ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Posted by MASK
when you come from the caribbean it limits self.
— Posted by sheila
— Posted by EBONY TORRES
i didn't like this piece. just because there is a bathtub in both pictures to me that doesn't create a bond between the two things, much less explore "identity" or the influences that society have on us.
— Posted by jamaal
I think this is a great photo of man waiting for his identity to shine through. He is waiting for someone to notice him.
— Posted by miguel cotto
its true carribean countries are very old fashion and certain life styles are looked down apon even today.
— Posted by isha

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