Exhibitions: Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art

Liset Castillo (b. Cuba1974; works in United States). Departure Point I, 2003. Chromogenic print, 49 1/2 x 65 in. (125 x 165 cm). Courtesy of the artist and Black & White Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

Artist Statement

The notion of movement, with which the work plays, offers a reading of the historic relationship between nature and artifice. It's for this reason that it is not the object that becomes the work, but rather its representation, the photograph as a symbol of the documentation, which offers itself to the spectator as testimony of the utopia that in the end lives only as image, in the process of disappearing.



I like this picture because it is very educational for me an it helps people be safe by getting burried in a safe place.
— Posted by Tanea Harper
This is kinda stupid. What's the point?Seriously........
— Posted by Anoumous
This piece of art really demonstrates the Carribean culture, the sand sort of represents the tropical, but in the shape of a highway to show the modern properties. It is a great photograph!
— Posted by
I think it is cool that you can actually make a sand sculpture that can stay so perfect.
— Posted by Jade age9
Cloverleafs in sand... makes me think of old roman roads.
— Posted by ianw
The road or path that one takes will soon come to an end.
— Posted by Nickeisha
just like promises,hearts,vows,and friendships,a broken road
— Posted by brokenup

Exhibition Highlights
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Say It Loud! Artist Talk: Hew Locke Artist Talk: Raquel Paiewonsky Artist Talk: Deborah Jack Artist Talk: Polibio Diaz Artist Talk: Annalee Davis

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