Exhibitions: Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art

Satch Hoyt (b. United Kingdom 1957; works in United States). Say It Loud!, 2004. Five hundred books, white metal staircase, and microphone with four speakers, wall text; dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist

Artist Statement

My practice at the present time aims to engage the viewer on a multi-sensory platform in an almost theatrical mise en scène. Using sound as the unifying tangent plane that binds together my multidimensional practice, I create layered works that investigate race and identity via popular cultural icons.



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The Caribbean intellectual tradition incorporates so much -- both empowering and damaging -- that speech itself becomes mired in the complexity of hybridity.
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Few were brave enough to climb the stairs and speak, but those who did we well received.
— Posted by Fatima
i think the artist mind was to show lots of knowlledge by reading lot of books
— Posted by Renald
Don't The elimination of the word "black" from James Brown:s classic causes viewers to really miss his point AND to completely water down James"s original message.
— Posted by Gerard
That is a lot of books to read but at the same time books are good to read it gives and teaches you a lot like ( example: books are having to do with all kinds of classes that you would take, social studies, math,writing, ansd science
— Posted by iman( i am in 6th grade)
i think that this exhibit is very powerful because it helps people to accept who they are as a person. i am proud to be a black thick young woman who cares about her body and her fellow black peoples
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i liked this exibit and i proud 2 be a tall blackinarican 1n3year old girl
— Posted by alexus milligan
i honestly loved this exibit
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What the heck?
— Posted by Pnyessa
this is more than just about books and a ladder. It shows that to be able to really speak and be heard you have to be knowledgeable. You have to have your culture, history, and facts straight to truly and respectfully represent your people when you "say it loud". i love this piece. its deep.
— Posted by MJB
— Posted by rondelle barber
This is great!!!
— Posted by Boris Ostrerov
I like this pic because it has lots of books stack up, showing how smart they are and i love how the mic is sitting on top of the books showing they have freedom of speech.
— Posted by Natosha Williams
this piece is interesting but really needs to be in a side room that bloody soundtrack was over the rest of the exhibition
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u kno who dis be.. im da juiceman and im proud
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I think that this artwork is very touching and meaningful.
— Posted by J.Hammond
Knowledge leads to speech.
— Posted by Say it Loud...... I'm Black and I'm Proud.
This was the best statement for me..."Say it Loud!" by James Brown was playing when you enter and view this art work. All these books on Black Diaspora takes you up the ladder, makes you stronger, brighter. There is a microphone as if all the knowledge allows you to speak volumes. A crescendo when the mouth is opened after reading these books. Love it!!!!!!!
— Posted by Nyasha.Nicole aka Mufaro's Daughter
nice - soundtrack, can't be beat
— Posted by p
i was trying to figure out if all those books were attached (i.e. glue) because i saw what looked like hot glue residue in the back. if so and they are not self-supporting then this piece is a terrible waste of some important texts.
— Posted by patrick
i am not exactly the smartest nor sharpest person in this world...i can not even say that i am proud...poor me
— Posted by julsie
i think it is a nice master work that someone put there eferd in
— Posted by saphire mars
It shows that somebody actually loves to read books.
— Posted by Genna joseph
i thought that this piece of artwork was very inspirational, but you could tell there was really no thought put in to it at all.
— Posted by James Ross
This artwork is very interesting. We often neglect books and don't realize how important they are. Books allow us to furthemore express our feelings and amplify our voices.
— Posted by Angelina
at first glance, i didnt understand this artwork but after analyzing it i realized that the message is very true and effective..reading and obtaing information about our surroundings determines what we stand for and how we verbally express it
— Posted by Heilen
it's revating and gives power to readers.
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It's so positive i think it's wonderful ! it says to me that no matter what you are or who you are you still have ideas you still have a voice. Reading and being knowledgeable helps you carry that voice!
— Posted by Abigail
amazingly inspirational i would have liked to hear famous speeches go along with the work
— Posted by michelle mignott
i am not exactly the sharpest tool in the chest...however i am a bit dc and alot ac and i am proud
— Posted by julsie
i am not the sharpest tool in the chest....but ...i am gay and i am proud
— Posted by j p
this one is cool. i feel i should announce my candidacy for president.
— Posted by Ariel Z.
very powerful...with an educational background...you will always be invited to say it out loud...whatever it is
— Posted by steve
a great piece....i firmly believe in freedom of speech for everyone...as in one for all not all for one
— Posted by steve
i am white and i am proud....executing freedom of speech
— Posted by unknown
i really loved the symbolism in this piece, in fact in the exhibit as a whole. thank you
— Posted by Anna
i think this art work is very creative it tells me something and that is when you read your on the top!!!!! i didn't know what this was about until i read it then i realized how amazing it really is.
— Posted by JoJason
my students felt good saying it loud. wonderful and empowering piece of art.
— Posted by mr. kim
i love this art work.i just could think of it all day.its wonderful. it has political &social statements written all over it
— Posted by Anthony
nice i like this it is cool
— Posted by anthony
i love this artwork .i could just look at it all daylong.
— Posted by inge burnheart
wonderful political & social statement
— Posted by David
This is wonderful. Once all your knowledge is absorbed from these texts you can back yourself up verbally! Knowledge is power...thats what I feel is the meaning behind the piece n I love it!
— Posted by Sandra
This is my favorite piece so far.
— Posted by Selina R.
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this piece is crazyy ..in order word i lie it ....ya digggg
— Posted by rick
loved this piece, it was really interesting seeing all the books and singing along on the podium. made me realise the depth of black literaturetoo visiting from london its good to see a show based on immigrant cultures and their history
— Posted by cathy wills
this was very interesting
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im black and im proud!!
— Posted by mich
i think say it loud piece is the best after ''stars and stripes''.
— Posted by jai bronson boddie
Hi Satch, good to see u even breefly at Knitting Factory I'm coming to see the show tomorrow I leave back to Europe on saterday, u in berlin now Remy told me? drop me a line! look forword to see the work for real! what else have u been up to?
— Posted by Sasha Dees

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