Exhibitions: Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art

Arthur Simms (b. Jamaica 1961; works in United States), and Peter Orner (b. United States 1968). Globe: The Veld, 2004. Mixed media, 17 x 14 x 14 in. (43.2 x 35.6 x 35.6 cm). Courtesy of the artist

Artist Statement

Over the past decade, I have been working on a body of work that evokes memory, loss, and cross-cultural ties. The work as a group, through object and thought, embodies power and history. Through their formal rigor and the poetic associations that the recycled elements trigger, the sculptures narrate stories of personal identity, family, spiritual and physical journeys, erotic tensions, and nostalgia for home.



An excellent commentary on post modern multimedia pieces heavily influenced by the works of Duchamp, Louise Nevelson and Sartre.
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i think it shows how the world is being polluted and soon the earth will be coverd with pollution
— Posted by v...me
i think this project is a nice project
— Posted by joel rejouis
this have lots of things
— Posted by elijah taylor
it's a little weird but i still think it's a little cool
— Posted by Annabel Newman
I love how the artist was very creative. I think it shows a scrambled head with no more space.
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very interestin...still tryna figure out the message but i like it
— Posted by me
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this looks very much like my own world...only half of it makes sense..the other half is mixed up all together
— Posted by julsie
this most mean that half of the world is normal when the other half is being a clunk of garbage. Ps im so dumb
— Posted by Milley Cyras
— Posted by noah
To me, this piece invokes how the world sometimes tries to hide the interesting stories of many common day items. These items may seem useless but I feel that each of them tell a story.
— Posted by Mark G
ive only been half around the world...seen enough....time to go back home
— Posted by john c
perfect example of the questioning that lies ahead in our future
— Posted by vito
I think it's beautiful.
— Posted by Daisy
— Posted by myb
it think that its great
— Posted by chad duke
...Who Knew That This World Was Just A Bunch Of Strings And Nit-Nats...
— Posted by Danielle
i think it is beatiful
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thoughtful comment about the status of sub-equatorial countries in the world economic, political, and historical order. i look forward to seeing it...
— Posted by Jamie DeAngelo
It's Art - You look at art and you say "What are they really thinking?" Because I would look at this and it looks stupid to me. Look at it! I'm from Trinidad - it's no big thing.
— Posted by Pat

Exhibition Highlights
Highlight Thumbnail: Tirzo Martha: Spirit of the Caribe Highlight Thumbnail: Polibio Diaz: Despues de la siesta Highlight Thumbnail: Raquel Paiewonsky: Levitando: A un solo pie Highlight Thumbnail: Jorge Pineda: Mambru Highlight Thumbnail: Colectivo Shampoo: D La Mona Plaza Highlight Thumbnail: Storm Saulter: Waterboot Highlight Thumbnail: Marcel Pinas: Kuku Highlight Thumbnail: Christopher Cozier: Tropical Night Highlight Thumbnail: Alexandre Arrechea: Elementos arquitectonicos Highlight Thumbnail: Jean-Ulrick Desert: The Burqa Project Highlight Thumbnail: Glenda Leon: Prolongacion del deseo Highlight Thumbnail: Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla: Under Discussion Highlight Thumbnail: Alex Burke: The Spirit of Caribbean Highlight Thumbnail: Ewan Atkinson: You Will Have to Use Soap Highlight Thumbnail: Liset Castillo: Departure Point I Highlight Thumbnail: Satch Hoyt: Say It Loud! Highlight Thumbnail: Arthur Simms and Peter Orner: Globe: The Veld Highlight Thumbnail: Nicole Awai: Specimen from L.E. Highlight Thumbnail: Deborah Jack:T/here Highlight Thumbnail: Miguel Luciano: Platano Pride


Say It Loud! Artist Talk: Hew Locke Artist Talk: Raquel Paiewonsky Artist Talk: Deborah Jack Artist Talk: Polibio Diaz Artist Talk: Annalee Davis

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