Exhibitions: Keith Haring: 1978–1982

Untitled (Exhibition Continues 163 Mercer Street)

Along with making his own art, Haring put a great deal of energy into facilitating performances and exhibitions for friends and fellow artists. Merging his interests in art and New York’s vibrant nightlife, he utilized unconventional locations such as the Mudd Club, where he curated the fourth-floor gallery, and Club 57. To advertise the exhibitions, some of which lasted only one night, Haring produced countless flyers with the aid of a Xerox machine. In addition to documenting his curatorial practice, these flyers are themselves unique works of art. Some of the exhibitions Haring presented were tied to his own artistic interests, such as black-light art and Xerox art, and many were created through open calls for artist submissions—in keeping with his desire for a more inclusive art world and the use of new channels to reach more people.