Exhibitions: Pharaohs, Queens, and Goddesses: Educator Resources

The special exhibition Pharaohs, Queens, and Goddesses on view in the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, gathers images of powerful Egyptian women and goddesses whom Judy Chicago included in The Dinner Party. All of these images come from the Brooklyn Museum's renowned Egyptian collection. They include Hatshepsut—the only female pharaoh, and the powerful queens Tiye, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra. The goddesses Isis, Hathor, Neith, Tefnut, and Wadjet, who played an important role in maintaining the Egyptian power structure, are also integrated into the exhibition. Students studying ancient Egypt and world history are encouraged to visit this exhibition. This downloadable educational packet was developed by Museum educators and can be used in the classroom to plan thematic curriculum connections, or to prepare for a Museum visit. Find out more about scheduling a visit to this special exhibition.

This educational packet for middle and high school classrooms provides detailed information about several works of art depicting Queen Nefertiti. Questions for viewing and suggested classroom activities are included to encourage students to closely examine the work and themes.

Sunk Relief Representation of Queen Nefertiti—Women in Ancient Egypt