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New York-based artist Devorah Sperber creates mixed-media installations in which art, science, and technology intersect. Fascinated by how the brain processes visual data, Sperber experiments with optics to provide viewers with a two-fold "seeing" experience. She creates pixelated renditions of well-known paintings and then constructs three-dimensional versions with simple materials such as pen caps and spools of thread. Her work has a surprise element that should be experienced firsthand. Students studying art history, optics, biology, and technology are encouraged to visit this exhibition. This downloadable educational packet was developed by Museum educators and can be used in the classroom to plan thematic curriculum connections, or to prepare for a Museum visit. Find out more about scheduling a visit to this special exhibition.

This educational packet for middle and high school classrooms provides detailed information about the installation After Mona Lisa 1 and about Devorah Sperber. Questions for viewing and suggested classroom activities are included to encourage students to closely examine the work and themes.

After Mona Lisa 1: Looking To See—Art Meets Science