Exhibitions: Unfolding Tales: Selections from the Contemporary Collection

Suku Sinero Kiko

Hairstyles are often complex signifiers of identity and social status, particularly for the Yoruba people. They can indicate a woman's age, her occupation, and, in some contexts, her religious or political power. Many hairdos are also tied to specific ceremonies, such as a wedding or the naming ceremony of a child. Working over three decades, J. D. 'Okhai Ojeikere undertook a photographic series systematically documenting the rich variety of Nigerian hairstyles. He sought to capture the diversity and beauty of the hairdos he witnessed in the streets of cities and villages, in marketplaces and offices, and at parties, celebrations, and festivals around the country. Most of the photographs, like Fro Fro and Suku Sinero Kiko, are taken from behind, revealing and emphasizing the abstract and sculptural aspects of the hairdos.