Features: Mut Precinct, History

Recording and Epigraphic Work

Only by collating and translating the temple's inscriptions and decorations, including those on the scattered blocks of temple decoration mentioned above, can we hope to understand the function and meaning of the cult and the temple. The Mut Expedition has assembled an international team of scholars from the United States, Holland, and France to study and publish the religious texts, particularly those of the Ptolemaic Period (305–30 B.C.), which are the most extensive. Their publication will be of importance to studies of Mut and her cult, to the study of other major gods and goddesses and, indeed, to the study of Egyptian religion in general.

A final goal of the Mut Expedition is to produce accurate plans of the site's buildings to assist people in understanding their history and interactions. Existing plans created by earlier scholars have been found to be rather inaccurate, in part because they were based on buildings that had not been fully excavated. The Mut Expedition seeks to remedy these inaccuracies and has already produced a revised plan of the Mut Temple and Temple A.

The work of the Mut Expedition from 1976 to 2006 has been supported as follows:

In 1978–79 the Mut Expedition was funded by a grant from The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia. Major funders for other seasons of work have been the Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, Brooklyn Museum; the Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Middle Eastern Art Council, and the Friends of Ancient Egypt, Brooklyn Museum; the Founders Society, Detroit Institute of Arts; the Getty Oil Company; CONOCO; the Samuel H. Kress Foundation; and numerous individuals, most notably, and, in alphabetical order: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brush, Dr. Louis Fontana, Dr. W. Benson Harer, Jr., Ms. Joann Harris, Charles Herzer and Adrienne Rourke, Mr. Jack A. Josephson, Mr. John Moran, and Mr. and Mrs. William H. Peck.

For further information about the Mut Precinct and work carried out there, visit the web site of the Johns Hopkins University Mut Expedition or the site developed by William Peck, co-Field Director of the Brooklyn Museum’s Mut Expedition, that provides additional background on early exploration.

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