The metadata format used by the Brooklyn Museum API to represent objects was developed to split the difference between simplicity and granularity. As an alternative, some responses are also available in CDWA-Lite and Dublin Core. These formats are essentially alternate representations of our default Object response. The fields exposed and XML structure vary greatly from the default object response.

Note that not all method calls can disseminate these alternate formats. (e.g. There is no natural CDWA-Lite or Dublin Core representation of a contactinfo response.) The only methods for which these special formats are appropriate are and collection.getItem. In both cases the item_type parameter must be object.


CDWA-Lite provides a high degree of data granularity. By specifying format=cdwalite, the body of all <object> elements in the response will be replaced by <cdwalite:cdwaliteWrap> elements. Review the CDWA-Lite spec or XSD for more details. Here's an example object response with format=cdwalite:

Fatal error: Class 'CollectionAPIResponse' not found in /home/www/default/data/opencollection/api/docs/special_metadata_formats.php on line 10