Exhibitions: Contemporary Sculpture: Second Exhibition of the Sculptors' Guild

  • 1st Floor
    Arts of Africa, Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden
  • 2nd Floor
    Arts of Asia and the Islamic World
  • 3rd Floor
    Egyptian Art, European Paintings
  • 4th Floor
    Contemporary Art, Decorative Arts, Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art
  • 5th Floor
    Luce Center for American Art

On View: Headrest in Three Parts Inscribed for Khet

The standard Egyptian headrest—the equivalent of the modern pillow—consisted of a curved neck support atop a pillar on an oblong...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: The Money Diggers

    Early ethnic stereotypes animate this painting based on one of the American author Washington Irving's raucous stores of life in colonial Ne...

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    Contemporary Sculpture: Second Exhibition of the Sculptors' Guild

    • Dates: October 21, 1938 through November 27, 1938
    Press Releases ?
    • October 21, 1938: The Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture by members of the Sculptors' Guild was opened at the Brooklyn Museum this afternoon with a reception and private view for memebrs and guests of the Museum. The hosts and hostesses were members of the stagg of the Brooklyn Museum, members of the Board of Trustess of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Science and the followein patrons of the Sculptors' Guidl: Mrs. William p. Adams, Blanche Adlar, Mrs. G. B. Agnew, American Philathropic Foundation, Dr. Louise Antz, Dean and Mrs. Leopld Arneund, Winslow Ames, Artists Gallery, Claire Bach, R. Baarwald, Edgar S. Barney, Sylvia Benson, Pembertin Berman, Mrs. Katherience Biddle, Mrs. Sherman M. Bijur, C. Ludwig Sauman, Samuel Bell, Mrs. Richard Bernhard, Dr. Harry Blum, Mrs. Henry Breckinridge, Professor and Mrs. C. C. Briggs, Mrs. Nicholas Murrart Butler, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Paul Chapin, Dr. Bernard L. Cinberg, Chinese Art Clud, Dr. A. Lambert Cone, Miss Etta Cone, mrs. Morris Garrison Demareat, Mr. and Mrs. James T. Denton, Marget Einstein, K. George Falk, Miss Mildred Falk, Walter Frank, Paul Freigang, Dr. H. Fischer, Miss Elizabeth Foster, Henry M. Friedman, M. D., Dorothy Freudenthal, George and Elsie Fruson, Mrs. W. F. Gibbs, Morton R. Goldsmith, Mrs. Lafayette A. Goldstone, Talbot Hamlin, Mrs. Meredith Hare, Henry E. Haws, Aline Davis Hays, John M. Hazzard, D.D.S., Mrs. Hnery L Heming, Mrs. David M. Heyman, Kate S. Heyman, Mrs. G. A. Hobart, Mrs. Walter Hochschild, Muriel K. Hollanger, Sidney Jaretzki, Alfred Jaretski, Jr., Mrs. Edward Jones, Ernie Josephm Alice Judd, Mrs. William de Y. Kay, Leon h. Keysetling, Mrs. Edgar A. Knapp, Robet D. Kohn, Mrs. Nathan Krass, Lawrence S. Kubie M.D., Mrs. James Lus Laidlow, Mrs. Adrian H. Larkin, Mrs. Henry Goddard Leach, Grace M. Litchten, Florence Wollie Mayer, John C. Mayer, Mrs. Edna A. Merson, Mrs. Gerrick Milliken, Mr. Henry Allen moe, Mr. Henry Morgentheu Clark Morrell, Gave E. Mrose, Miss Ella Murphy, Samuel Zachary Orgel, M.D., Nancy F. Orthank, Mrs. W. W. Bagon, E. Penefsky, R. Proskauer, Harry T. Peters, Attilie Pieorilli, Mrs. Karl E. Prickett, Mrs. W. Frank Frudy, A. Raabe, M. D., Mrs. Lawrence S. Rockefellet, Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Miss Ethel B. Rabin, Claire Rosenberger, Pearl Rosenstein, Nathen A. Rothsteing, Edward Rowan, Margaret E. Rullman, E. Sartorius, Mrs. Arthur B. Schulte, Mrs. John S. Schulte, Walkgang S. Schwabacher, Getrude H. Sergievsky, Dr. T. E. J. Shanahan, Mr. Robert E. Simon, Joan Marie Smith, Herbert Soloman, Arthur B. Spingarn, J. R.E. Singarn, Mrs. G. Stein, Juliet Lit Sutern, Mrs. De Witt Stetten, Anne Stevens, Chauncey Stilman, Beatrice Stone, Edna W. Strasser, Miss Anna Lord Strauss, Lewis Strauss, Mrs. Adam K. Stricker, Herbert B. Tschudy, Mrs. Dudley Wadsworth, Mrs. E. F. Walton, Harry W. Watrous, N.A., Frances Weir, Maurice Wertheim, Miss Dorothea Wheston, Claire S. Wiener, Arline Wingate, Jack Wittenberg, Mildred H. Wolfsen, Mrs. Ira M Younker, Alfred Ellinger, Mrs. Ferce, Mrs. Elizabeth B Beck.

      Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Milton Horn, Mr. Abraham Walkowitz, Mr. Hugo Robus, Mrs. Lous Sladodkin, Mr. and Mrs. Hunt Diederich, Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, Miss Berta Margoulies, Mrs. John I. H. Baur, Miss Louise Gigel, Miss Louise Cross, Mrss Concetta Scarvaglione, Miss Marion Walton Mr. Robert Grenbach, Miss Anita Weschler, Mrs. Cornelia Van A. Chapin, Mrs. May Childes Draper, Mrs. Herman de Wetter, Mrs. Joseph Murphy, Mrs. L. Dusseldorf, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Uhling, Mr. Enrico Glicenstein, Professor and Mrs. Jerome Prince, Mrs. William Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Glichman, Mrs. and Mrs. Hy Freilicher, Mr. Walter H. Crittenden, Mrs. Simone Brangler Boas, Mrs. Jose de Creeft, Mrs. Aaron J. Goodelman, Mr. and Mrs. Cesare Stea, Mrs. Polygnetes Vagis, Mr. Raymond Foage, Mrs. Laurence P. Roberts, Mr. Warren Wheelock, Mr. Milton Heblald, Mrs. John I. H. Baur, Mr. Jean de Marco, Mr. Hebert Ferber, Mrs. Alexandrina R. Harris, Mr. Saul Raizerman, Mr. Soloman Siegel, Mr. Nathaniel Kaz, Mr. Adolph Wolfff, Mrs. Margaret Brassler Kane, Miss Josephine Jenks, Dr. adn Mrs. Henry Firestone, Mr. Chaim Gross, Miss Eugene Gershoy, Mr. Mark Friedeman, Miss France Epping, Mrs. Catherine A. Kane, Miss Ruth Krassler, Dr. L.J. Morton, Mr. Aaron J. Goodelman, Mrs. Beatrice Horn, Miss Dorothy Herzog, Mr. and Mrs. Offner, Mr. Mark Friedman, Mr. Bernard Davis, and Mrs. and Mrs. Charle Sugrue.

      Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1937 - 1939. 09-10_1938, 163-4. View Original 1 . View Original 2

    • Date unknown, approximately 1938: The purchase of the large load bust, entitled “Semitic Head”, by José de Creeft has been announced by the Brooklyn Museum. The piece is at present on exhibition in the Museum’s showing of contemporary sculpture by members of the Sculptor's Guild. At the close of the exhibition, it will be placed in the Museum's permanent collection in the Sculpture Court on the third floor.

      De Creeft, who was born in Spain and worked for some time in Paris, is in the vanguard of the modern movement in sculpture. Primarily an exponent of direct carving in stone, he has also worked in many other media, as his current exhibition at the Georgette Passedoit Gallery indicates. The "Semitic Head" is of heavy hammered lead touched in spots with a brownish patina and reinforced with concrete.

      The artist, who now makes his home in New York, has remarked of this piece: "My model was one of those unusual Semitic types I have used her for several pieces and have tried to capture something of this elusive kind of beauty which does not reside simply in regularity of features."

      Other accessions reported to the Governing Coimmittee of Museums at the meeting on December 7 include a clay head from Ecuador, shell fragments from Ecuador, three obsidian fragments and a collection of 61 spindle whorls, a gift from Baron W. von Schoeler; a collection of Archaeological specimens from Colombia, purchased; a Peruvian Pottery vase, lent by Baron U. von Schoeler; a collection of 641 pieces of Mexican bead work, lent by Mrs. Dwight Morrow; a Georgian Silver Tea Strainer (English, XVIIIth Century), a gift from Mr. Joseph N. May; a Hepplewhite card table and a Hitchcock Rocker, lent by Mr. Arthur W. Clement; a water color, “Florida Pine” by Carl Ruggles, a gift from Southern Vermont Artists, Manchester, Vermont; a collection of prints as follows: Runge (a set of four panels), Queredo (six panels), and a collection of 150 plates, purchased; and a man’s waistcoat (French, XIXth Century), a gift from Mrs. Nicholas Flocken.

      Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1938. 11-12/1938, 223. View Original

    • Date unknown, approximately 1938: A showing of contemporary American sculpture by members of the Sculptors Guild will be held at the Brooklyn Museum from October 22nd through November 27th. This is the second exhibition of this new society of progressive American sculptors and the first formal showing sponsored by a museum. The organization’s first exhibition was held outdoors at Park Avenue and 39th Street last April.

      Over fifty members will be represented in the coming exhibition and the work covers a wide range of subject matter and style. In addition to many figure pieces, portraits, and the more conventional subjects, there is much that is inspired by contemporary life and events ranging from humorous political satire to bitter comment on social in justice, while in style the range is perhaps even greater, running from the more traditional forms of realistic portraiture to the severely abstract, and in technique from hammered copper and cast bronze to direct carving in wood and stone. The large majority of the work is of recent origin and many important new pieces are being shown here for the first times Demonstrations of carving, modelling and finishing sculpture will probably be given at the Museum by members of the Guild during the exhibition. A complete catalogue of the show will also be available with over one hundred illustrations. A preview for exhibitors, patrons, and museum members will be held on Friday afternoon, October 21, and the exhibition will open to the public on the following day.

      The members of the Guild who are represented in the coming exhibition are: Saul Baizerman, Aaron Ben-Sbmuel, Simone Brangier [word cut off in scanning] Sonia Gordon Brown, Harold Cash, Albino Cavallito, Cornelia Van [word cut off in scanning]in, Jose Be Creeft, Robert Cronbach, Louise Cross, Alice Decker, Jean Do Marco, Jose Ruiz De Rivera, Hunt Diederich, Alfeo Faggi, Herbert Ferber, Mark Friedwan, Hy Preilicher, Eugenic Gershoy, Enrico Glicenstein, Maurice Glickman, Vincent Glinsy, Aaron J. Goodelman, Dorothea Greenbaum, Chaim Gross, Genevieve Karr Hamlin, Minna R. Harkavy, Alonzo Hauser, Milton Hebald, Milton Horn, John Hovannes, Margaret Brassler Kane, Nathaniel Kaz, Oronzio Maldarelli, Paul Manship, Berta Margoulios, Dina Melicov, David Michnick, and Montague, Hugo Robus, Helene Sardeau, Concetta Scaravaglione, Louis Slobodkin, Cesaro Stem, Maurice Sterne, Mary Tarleton, T. Trajan, Polygnotos Vagis, Mation Walton, Nat Warner, Anita Weschler, Warren Wheelock, Adolph Wolff, William Zorach.

      Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1937 - 1939. 09-10_1938, 133-4. View Original 1 . View Original 2

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