Exhibitions: International Watercolor Exhibition, 09th Biennial

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On View: Fish

The fish represented here is the Nile perch (or boltí), whose breeding habits attracted the Egyptians' attention. After the female perch la...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: Plate, Eva

    Today when we think of where inventive contemporary design is manufactured, we often think of Italy. This, however, was not always the cas...


    International Watercolor Exhibition, 09th Biennial

    Press Releases ?
    • May 1937: VISIT

      May 8 through June 13, 1937


      Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y.
      Open 10 to 5 daily
      Saturday 10-6
      Sunday 2 - 6

      Admission free except Mondays and Fridays

      Take Seventh Avenue IRT express to Museum stop

      Take Lexington Avenue IRT express to Nevins and change to Seventh Avenue train to Museum stop.

      Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1937 - 1939. 04-06_1937, 190 View Original

    • Date unknown, approximately 1937: The Ninth Biennial Exhibition of Water Colors is now ready for press pre-view at the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibition will be opened on Friday, May 7th, with a reception and preview for members and guests and to the public the following day. It will continue on view through June 13th.

      All living painters represented in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum have been invited as guests of honor for the reception on May 7th. Acceptances have been received from the following: Albert Grall, Anna Fisher, August Franzen, Philip Evergood, Harriet Blackstone, Wilford S. Conrow, Walter Pach, Jonas Lie, Walter Farndon, Jerome Meyers, Alpheus P. Cole, Charles A. Aiken, Robert Brackman, William Meyerowitz, Mary Gamble Rogers, Bradley Walker Tomlin and Anne Goldthwaite.

      Woman members of the Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences and wives of Trustees have been invited to act as patronesses. The following have signified that they will be present: Mrs. Sumner Ford, Mrs. Philip A. Benson, Mrs. Walter Hamrnitt, Mrs. Samuel A. Lewisohn, Mrs. Raymond Ingersoll, Mrs. Robert E. Blum, Mrs. Edward C. Blum, Mrs. W. R. Bayes, Mrs. William Howard Good, Miss Hilda Loines, Mrs. George Vincent McLaughlin, and Mrs. W.G. Warner.

      About two hundred paintings are included in the exhibition. The United States, Germany, France and Mexico are represented. Selection was made by John I. H. Baur, Curator of Contemporary Art. Only specially invited papers have been hung. The papers in the exhibition, with very few exceptions, have never been exhibited before in greater New York. French and German papers were brought from abroad for this exhibition and have never been seen in this country before. Mexican papers are largely from the studios of the artists themselves and from private collectors.

      Among the artists represented are:

      In the American Section:. Thomas Benton, George Biddle, Charles Burchfield, John Steuart Curry, George Grosz, Edward Hopper, Georgina Klitgaard, Reginald Marsh, Karl Mattern, Barse Miller, Eliot O'Hara, Paul Sample, John Whorf, William and Marguerite Zorach. Also many other lesser known artists and quite a large group of younger artists.

      In the French Section: Marc Chagall, de Segonzac, de Vlaminck, Dufy, Laurencin, Leger, L’Hote, Lurcat, Picabia, Picasso, Rouault and others.

      In the German Section: Max Beckmann, Otto Dix, Erich Heckel, Carl Hofer, Otto Wueller, Emil Nolde, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, also an interesting group by German painters who have been seldom exhibited in this country.

      In the Mexican Section: Emilio Amero, Jean Charlot, Miguel Covarrubias, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siquieros. Also a group by the younger Mexican artists.

      Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1937 - 1939. 04-06_1937, 093-4. View Original 1 . View Original 2

    • May 7, 1937: The Brooklyn Museum opened this afternoon, May 7, with a reception and preview for members and guests the Ninth Biennial International Exhibition of Water Colors Artists of the United States, Germany, Mexico and France are represented.

      Among those present were:

      Mrs. Sumner Ford
      Mrs. Philip A. Benson
      Mrs. Walter Hammitt
      Mrs. Samuel A. Lewisohn
      Mrs. Raymond Ingersoll
      Mrs. Robert E. Blum
      Mrs. Edward C. Blum
      Mrs. W. R. Bayes
      Mrs. William Howard Good
      Miss Hilda Loines
      Mrs. George Vincent McLaughlin
      Mrs. E. G. Warner
      Mrs. Thomas E. Murray, Jr.
      Mrs. D. A. Forward
      Mrs. Henry S Ingraham
      Mrs. Bernard Smith
      Mrs. Mary Childs Draper
      Mrs. Philip N. Youtz
      Mr. Albert Grail
      Miss Anna Fisher
      Mr. August Franzen
      Mr. Philip Evergood
      Miss Harriet Blackstone
      Mr. Wilford S. Conrow
      Mr. Walter Pach
      Mr. Jonas Lie
      Mr. Walter Farndon
      Mr. Jerome Meyers
      Mr. Alpheuz P. Cole
      Mr. Charles A. Aiken
      Mr. Robert Brackman
      Mr. William Meyerowitz
      Miss Mary Gamble Rogers
      Mr. Bradley Walker Tomlin
      Miss Anne Goldthwaite
      Miss Isabel L. Whitney
      Mr. Samuel Rothbort
      Miss Gertrude Schweitzer
      Mr. Bertram Hartman
      Mr. Frederick K. Detwiller
      Mr. and Mrs. William H. Muir
      Mr. and Mrs. De Hirsh Margules
      Miss Charlotte Blass
      Mr. William F. Walters
      Mr and Mrs. Edward C. Uhlig
      Mr. Edmund Morton
      Dr. L. J. Morton
      Mr. Edward C. Blum
      Miss Anna Fischer
      Mr. Jerome Meyers
      Mr. Jacob Kainen
      Mrs. William H. Clominzer
      Mr. Joseph Newman
      Mrs. George Pearse Ennis
      Mr. Herbert Tschudy
      Mr.William Sanger
      Mrs. J. D. Wilson, Jr.
      Miss R. Bowen
      Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Colton
      Mr. B. F. Dolbin
      Mrs. Theodore Gutman
      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Newman
      Mrs. Samuel Rothbort
      Miss Therese Bernstein
      Mr. Bertram Hartman
      Miss J. A. Bogue
      Mr. Frederick T. Weber
      Miss Dorothy McEntee
      Miss Helen Ormond
      Dr. and Mrs. Louis M. Dusseldorf
      Mr. Alan Pope
      Mr. Grant H. Code
      William Zorach
      Lt. and Mrs. Paul Crosley
      Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morse
      Mrs. Frederick Addinsell
      Mrs. Jailefro

      Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1937 - 1939. 04-06_1937, 102. View Original

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