Exhibitions: Brooklyn in the Early 1890s: Photographs by Daniel Berry Austin

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    Brooklyn in the Early 1890s: Photographs by Daniel Berry Austin

    Press Releases ?
    • December 11, 1941: Today the Brooklyn Museum opens the first exhibition of photographs from the Daniel Berry Austin Collection. This exhibition, entitled, “Brooklyn in the Early 1900’s”, is installed in the Entrance Gallery, first floor, and will remain on view through Sunday, January 4. Approximately 120 prints are shown, the majority being of old houses in Brooklyn, supplemented by landscapes, street scenes, interiors and portraits.

      These photographs are from the collection of late 19th and early 20th Century negatives, which was presented to the Museum last summer by Mr. Daniel Berry Austin, 870 Rugby Road, Brooklyn. With one or two exceptions, all the negatives in this large collection were taken by Mr. Austin.

      From time to time the Museum expects to hold additional exhibitions of prints from this collection.

      List of titles attached.

      DECEMBER 11 through JANUARY 4

      Nicholas Stillwell House - Gravesend, 1899

      Schenck House (interior) - 1898

      Hegeman’s at King’s Highway - Flatlands, Brooklyn

      Bergen House - 1904

      Hunter Fly Road (now King’s Highway)

      Garrit Vanderveer House - Flatbush

      Quaker Meeting House - Flushing, 1904

      Mr. Peter Wyckoff - Bushwick, 1903

      Dutch Gravestone, Jaiquis Van Brunt, 1899

      Lake House - Gravesend, 1899

      Wm. Kovwenhoven’s House and Barn - Flatlands, 1905

      Old House opposite Dutch Sunday School - Bushwick, 1899

      Lefferts Place

      Old Well and Winifred

      Avenue V and Ryder’s Pond

      Samuel B. Lott House - Flatbush

      Jer. Vanderbilt House - Flatbush

      Rem Lefferts House (interior) - 1906

      Lefferts Place at Classon Avenue - Brooklyn, 1902

      Grave of Helena Priest - Gravesend, 1899

      Garretson Mill - 1899

      House at Lincoln Road and Flatbush Avenue

      House at Lincoln Road and Flatbush Avenue

      House on Fulton Street near Bedford

      “Hodge Podge” (interior)

      USS “Buffalo” and USS “Columbia”

      Paerdegaat, Flatbush - 1905

      W. Algea House - Flatbush

      Sidney’s Map - “Twelve Miles Around New York” (giving names of property owners) Published, 1849. Printed in Philadelphia.

      Martense House, Flatbush - 1903

      Grave of Lyffert Lefferts - Dutch Reformed Churchyard

      Bridge over Paerdegaat Creek-1905

      Ditmas House - Hunter Fly Road, 1903

      Graves of Rem. Vanderbilt and Margaret Vanderbilt - 1903

      Erasmus Hall - Flatbush

      Little and Marshall Streets

      High and Hudson Streets

      Hegeman (Van Wyck) House - Flatlands, 1903

      Mill Lane - 1903

      House at Fulton and Bedford


      Interior (Rem Leffert’s House)

      Toll Gate - Flatbush

      Penitentiary - Main Entrance

      Brooklyn Kings County Penitentiary

      Bushwick Dutch Reformer’s Church 1899

      Bedell’s Farm, Bushwick - 1904

      C.M. Ditmas House, Bushwick - 1904

      Onderdenk House, Bushwick - 1904

      Johannes Sprong House, Flushing - 1905

      Bowne House, Flushing - 1904

      Lefferts House, Bedford Corners, Brooklyn - 1903

      J. Blackwell House - Greenpoint

      Schenck House - 1903

      Hunter Fly Road, Flatlands - 1905

      Johannes Sprong House, Flushing - 1905

      Denyse Van Dyne House - Brooklyn

      Old Wyckoff House, Bushwick - 1903

      Dutch Sunday School, Bushwick - 1899

      Kovwenhoven and Mill Lanes, Flatbush - 1906

      Bergen House, Flatlands - 1906

      House on Eldert Lane near Atlantic Avenue

      Same house - rear view

      House on Old South Country Road - East of Jewish Cemetery

      Rag-O-Muffin in Brooklyn

      Ocean and sand - Coney Island, 1900

      Old Flatbush Road at Eastern Parkway, 1906

      Hart-Bergen House, Brooklyn - 1886

      Cedars and Schore - Gravesend, 1899

      Stillwell House - Gravesend, 1899

      Isaac Schenck House - Highland Park - 1906

      Lotts Smoke House - Flatlands, 1909

      C. Vanderveer House and Barn

      Peter Wycoff House - Bushwick, 1903

      Lake House - Gravesend

      Old de Bevoise House

      W. H. Green House, Flatbush

      Freeman-Clarkson-Bergen House, Flatbush

      S. Voorhies House, Gravesend

      N. Duryea House, Flatbush

      Interior (Rem Leffert’s House)

      Interior (Rem Leffert’s House)

      Interior (Rem Leffert’s House)

      Jacob Suydam House, Brooklyn - 1899

      C. Lake House - east of Village Road - Gravesend, 1905

      Rem Lefferts House (interior) 1906

      Sioux Indians in Brooklyn - “Strikes Plenty” and family, 1900

      Freeman-Clarkson-Bergen House, Flatbush

      Martense House, Flatbush - 1903

      Garretson House and Mill - 1900

      Van Sicklen House - Gravesend, 1905

      J. G. Vanderveer House - Flatbush

      J. Birdsall House - Flatbush

      J. Schenck’s “Canarsie House” (1849) - 1903

      Garretson’s Old Mill - Brooklyn

      Leffert’s House, Bedford Corner’s, Brooklyn - 1902

      Hart-Bergen House, Brooklyn - 1885

      John Vanderbilt House, Flatbush

      Grave of Johannes Casparus Rubel - Flatbush

      Lefferts House at Fulton Street near Bedford

      Lefferts House at Fulton Street near Bedford

      Lefferts House - Fulton Street opposite Arlington Place

      U.S. and Little Streets - Brooklyn

      Evans and Hudson Streets

      J. Schoonmaker House about 1800

      W. H. Green House - Flatbush, 1909

      Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1939 - 1941. 10-12/1941, 266-9. View Original 1 . View Original 2 . View Original 3 . View Original 4

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