Exhibitions: Satire in Prints and Drawings

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    Arts of Africa, Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden
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On View: Nuestra Senora de Guadelupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe)

The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe typifies how imported religious traditions were adapted to local circumstances in New World colonies. In ...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: Platter (James Blaine & John Logan)

    In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, American presidents were often the subject of pressed-glass objects that most typicall...

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    Satire in Prints and Drawings

    Press Releases ?
    • Summer 1966: “Satire is a sort of glass, wherin [sic] beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own.“
      ...Jonathan Swift

      Effective satire seems to retain its bite through decades - even centuries, which Goya, Daumier, Rouault and their fellow artists illustrate in this exhibition. 94 prints and drawings have been selected from the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Museum. Quality, as well as satirical content, was a criterium for selection. Artists of several countries are represented and span two centuries beginning with Hogarth’s Southwark Fair, engraved in 1735 and ending with Wunderlich’s Olivia Twist printed in this decade.

      PEGGY BACON   Amer. 1895-
      1 Penguin Island 1926 dry point
      Gift of the Estate of Louis E. Stern

      2 The Patroness 1927 etching and dry point
      Dick S. Ramsay Fund

      MAX BECKMANN   Ger. 1884-1950
      3 The Beggars 1922 (Glaser 195) lithograph
      Gift of Dr. F. H. Hirschland

      4 Theatre Foyer 1922 (Glaser 188) lithograph
      Gift of Dr. F. H. Hirschland

      5 Woman With Peaked Bonnet 1928 (Glaser 137) dry point

      MARCUS BEHMER   Ger. 1879 -
      6 The Flea Riders, from ”The Book of the Flea” 1926 etching
      Gift of J. B. Neumann

      7 Zadig, illustration No.2 etching
      Anonymous Gift

      HENRY WILLIAM BUNBURY   Eng. 1750-1811
      8 A Hail Storm etching, colored by band

      WILHELM BUSCH   Ger. 1832-1908
      9 St. Anthony of Padua Plates I-VI wood engravings
      A. Augustus Healy Fund

      PAUL CADMUS   Amer. 1904-
      10 Stewart’s 1934 etching
      Gift of the artist

      CHAM (Amedee C.H. de Noe)   Fr. 1819-1879
      11 The American Game ca. 1862 lithograph
      Frederick Loeser Fund

      GEORGE CRUIKSHANK   Eng. 1792-1878
      12 Ancient Military Dandies of 1450-Modern Military Dandies of 1819 1819 (Cohn 884, only state) etching, colored by hand

      13 An Election Ball 1813 (Cohn 1083, only state) etching, colored by hand

      14 Foggy Weather 1819 (Cohn 1116, only state) etching, colored by hand

      15 An Interesting Scene, on Board an East Indiaman 1818 (Cohn 1238, only state) etching, colored by hand

      16 Les Graces. Inconveniences in Quadrille Dancing 1817 (Cohn 1316, only state) etching, colored by hand

      17 Monstrosities of 1816 1816 (Cohn 1747, second state of three) etching, colored by hand

      18 Monstrosities of 1818 1818 (Cohn 1749, second state of three) etching, colored by hand

      19 Monstrosities of 1819 1819 (Cohn 1750, second state of three) etching, colored by hand

      20 Monstrosities of 1822 1822 (Cohn 1752, second state of three) etching, colored by hand

      21 A Party of Pleasure 1822 (Cohn 1828) etching, colored by hand

      JOSÉ LUIS CUEVAS   Mex. 1933-
      22 The Dwarf 1956 ink
      Charles Stewart Smith Memorial Fund

      HONORÉ DAUMIER   Fr. 1808-1879
      23 Masks of 1831 1832 (Delteil 42) lithograph
      A . Augustus Healy Fund

      24 Ch. Guillaume Etienne 1833 (Delteil 57) lithograph
      Anonymous Gift

      25 The Legislative Belly 1834 (Delteil 131) lithograph
      Dick S. Ramsay Fund

      26 Very Haughty and Very Mighty Legitimist Brats 1834 (Delteil 132) lithograph
      Frank L. Babbott Fund

      27 Parasite 1841 (Delteil 830) lithograph
      A. Augustus Healy Fund

      28 Appreciative Travelers on a Third Class Train 1856 (Delteil 2824) lithograph
      A. Augustus Healy Fund

      29 The Four-Sou Baths 1858 (Delteil 2866, second state) lithograph
      Carll H. De Silver Fund

      30 Madeleine-Bastille 1862 (Delteil 3243, third state of four) lithograph
      Charles Stewart Smith Memorial and Frank L. Babbott Funds

      31 Sunday in the Botanical Gardens 1862 (Delteil 3244, second state) lithograph
      Frank L. Babbott Fund

      32 Nadar Raising Photography to the Level of Art 1862 (Delteil 3248) lithograph
      Frank L. Babbott Fund

      ADOLF DEHN   Amer. 1895-
      33 All for a Piece of Meat 1928 lithograph
      Gift of Mrs. Albert de Silver

      OTTO DIX   Ger. 1891-
      34 Card Players 1920 dry point
      Gift of Dr. F.H. Hirschland

      35 American Riders 1925 dry point
      Gift of Dr. F.H. Hirschland

      36 Sailors 1932 dry point
      Gift of the Estate of Louis F. Stern

      37 Sorry, Mr. Smith... dry point
      Gift of Ferargil Galleries

      CONRAD FELIX-MÜLLER   Ger. 1897-1949
      38 Portrait of Otto Dix etching
      Gift of the Estate of Louis E. Stern

      U. GAUDISSART   Fr. 19th century
      39 My Aunt Urlurette (Napoleon and Marquis d’Uigrefeuille) 1815 etching, colored by hand
      Bequest of Marion Reilly

      JAMES GILLRAY   Eng. 1757-1815
      40 The Affrighted Centaur and Lion Britannique 1799 etching
      Gift of Marion Cutter

      FRANCISCO GOYA   Sp. 1746-1828
      LOS CAPRICHOS 1792-1799 80 plates. Aquatint and Etching (Delteil 38-117)
      A. Augustus Healy Fund and Others

      41 This Indeed is Reading Plate 29 (Delteil 66, first state of two)

      42 Bravissimo! Plate 38 (Delteil 75, first state of three)

      43 As far back as his grandfather Plate 39 (Delteil 76, first state of two)

      44 Neither More Nor Less Plate 41 (Delteil 78, second state of three)

      45 Homage to the Teacher Plate 47 (Delteil 84, second state of three)

      46 The Chinchilla Rate Plate 50 (Delteil 87, second state of three)

      47 Swallow that, you dog! Plate 58 (Delteil 95, second state of four)

      WILLIAM GROPPER   Amer. 1897-
      48 Senators, lithograph
      Gift of the Estate of Louis E. Stern

      RUDOLPH GROSSMANN   Ger. 1882-1941
      49 Man With Kettle Drums dry point, colored by hand

      GEORGE GROSZ   Amer. 1893-1959
      50 On the Street 1921-1922 lithograph
      Gift of Dr. F.H. Hirschland

      51 The Rising Generation 1922 lithograph
      Gift of Dr. F.H. Hirschland

      WILLIAM HOGARTH   Eng. 1697-1764
      Prints by Hogarth are from the Bequest of Samuel E. Haslett

      52 His Levee 1735 (from the Rake’s Progress) engraving

      53 Southwark Fair 1735 engraving

      54 The Company of Undertakers 1736 etching and engraving

      55 Scholars at a Lecture 1737 etching

      56 The Distrest Poet 1740 engraving

      57 Beer Street 1751 engraving

      58 Gin Lane 1751 engraving

      59 The Bench 1758 engraving

      60 The Five Orders of the Perrigwigs 1761 etching and engraving

      61 Credulity, Superstition, and Fanaticism. A Medley 1762 engraving

      62 Canvassing for Votes 1762 engraving

      PAUL KLEE   Swiss 1879-1940
      63 Virgin in Tree 1903 (Soby No.1) etching
      Frank L. Babbott Fund

      PAUL KLEINSCHMIDT   Ger. 1883-
      64 Woman Seated Before Mirror 1921 dry point
      Gift of Dr. F.H. Hirschland

      WALT KUHN   Amer. 1877-1949
      65 Five Untitled Sketches ink, crayon, and watercolor on postcards
      Gift of Miss Brenda Kuhn

      MAURICIO LASANSKY   Amer. 1914-
      66 Portrait of an Artist (Self Portrait) 1961 intaglio in color
      Dick S. Ramsay Fund

      MARIO MICOSSI   Ital. 20th century
      67 Fantasia di Liturgie Romaniche 1962 etching
      Carll H. De Silver Fund

      HERMAN PAUL   Fr. 1865-1940
      68 The Milliners 1894 lithograph
      Charles Stewart Smith Memorial Fund

      MICHAEL PONCE DE LEON   Amer. 1922-
      69 The Critic 1953 intaglio
      Artist's proof and first impression from the edition Commissioned by The Brooklyn Museum for a critics’ luncheon, 1953

      GEORGES ROUAULT   Fr. 1871-1958
      MISERERE 1922-1927 58 plates. etching, aquatint and heliogravure
      Frank L. Babbott Fund

      70 We think ourselves kings Plate VII

      71 The society lady fancies she has a reserved seat in heaven Plate XVI

      72 Emancipated woman, who has lost her way Plate XVII

      73 The nobler the heart, the less stiff the collar Plate XLIX

      LES RÉINCARNATIONS DU PÈRE UBU 1928 22 plates. etching
      Henry L. Batterman Fund

      74 Man in Pith Helmet

      75 Man in Profile

      76 Two Women in Profile

      AUGUSTE ROUBILLE   Fr. 1872 - (?)
      Posters from the series, “Feuille de Caricatures Politiques” ca. 1904
      Printed by A. Malverge, Paris.
      Gift of D. Irving Mead

      77 The Gracious Queen

      78 Sir Paul Kruger

      79 Nicolas II (Our little father; the Czar)

      80 Der Kaiser

      81 Abdul Hamid II (The Red Sultan)

      82 M. Émile Loubet (President of France)

      83 Humberto il Moustachu (King of Italy)

      84 The Prince of Wales

      85 Cleopold II, King of Belgium

      THOMAS ROWLANDSON   Eng. 1756-1827
      86 Boney Turned Moralist 1814 etching, colored by hand
      Bequest of Marion Reilly

      GEORGE A. SALA   Eng. 1828-1895
      87 Great Exhibition - “Wot is to be” 1850 28 continuous pages lithographs, colored by hand
      Published by The Committee of the Society for Keeping Things in Their Places

      IVAN TEREBENEFF   Russian 1780-1815
      88 Napoleon’s Winter Quarters ca. 1812 etching, colored by hand
      Bequest of Marion Reilly

      HENRI DE TOULOUSE LAUTREC   Fr. 1864-1901
      89 The Loge at the Mascaron Dore 1893 (Program for “Le Missionnaire’) (Delteil 16, second state) lithograph

      UNKNOWN ARTIST   Amer. 19th century
      90 The Doctors 1841 (from “The People’s Almanac of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge”) wood engraving published by S.N. Dickinson Boston

      UNKNOWN ARTIST   Eng. 19th century
      91 Portrait of George Cruikshank pencil

      FÉLIX VALLOTTON   Swiss 1865-1925
      92 The Manifestation 1893 (Godefroy 109) woodcut
      Charles Stewart Smith Memorial Fund

      J.M[.] VOLTZ   Ger. 1784-1858
      93 Napoleon 1814 lithograph in color after a German caricature published by Rudolph Ackermann, London
      Bequest of Marion Reilly

      PAUL WUNDERLICH   Ger. 1927-
      94 Olivia Twist lithograph
      Carll H. De Silver Fund

      Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1953 - 1970. 1966, 008-15. View Original 1 . View Original 2 . View Original 3 . View Original 4 . View Original 5 . View Original 6 . View Original 7 . View Original 8

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