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Participate Online

Split Second online activity launches February 3, 2011.

Split-Second Decisions

Participants report stressing out when selecting objects quickly.

Slow Down and Consider

Participants are given different tasks and information in later phases of the activity.

Participation Demographics

Online activity closes; 4,617 participants created 176,394 ratings.

Exhibition Opens

Come visit your data in Split Second.

Stats: Thin-slicing vs. Unlimited Time

What the results of the experiment might tell us about thin-slicing.

Stats: Adding Information

How labels change our judgements: is education at odds with enjoyment?

Conservation: Many Hours for a Split Second

Decisions can be made within a split second, but conservation and preservation take much longer.

Stats: Gender and Information

How rating changes differed between men and women when information was added.

Stats: Engagement

How do engagement tasks affect ratings?

Stats: Complexity

What do we mean by "complexity?"

Stats: Subconscious Effects

How do certain properties of works affect us subconsciously?

Stats: Contentiousness

Which paintings were the most contentious?

Why Indian Paintings?

Why we selected Indian Paintings as subject matter.

A Curator’s Reaction to the Results

Curator Joan Cummins looks at the data.

Online vs. In-Gallery

How the data differed from what was gathered online versus in the gallery.

We're adding more stories throughout the exhibition; check back in later, or read the blog...