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Yoshikado Visiting the Old temple at Soma

Catalogue Description:
Triptych. Scene from a Kabuki ghost play depicting a samurai seated in left panel, a woman standing over a tansu opened to reveal an apparition in the center panel, and a man to right in the right panel. Yoshikado is 12th century (Heian) hero, the son of the traitor general Masakado of the Heike clan, who was beheaded after an attempt to seize power. Yasha-hime is his sister, the witch princess Takiyasha, who developed magical powers (with the help of a magic toad) in attempt to assist brother in revenging her father's killing. Story told in several Kabuki plays, including Masakado, but this image isn't an illustration of that play. Condition: Good. Needs to be matted. Artist's signature: Kunichika ga Date Seal: Dragon 8 Publisher's Mark: Tsurushin Moriji

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