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The Actor Kataoka Nizaemon VIII (1810-1863) as Kumokiri Nizaemon, from the series "Thieves in Designs of the Time"

Catalogue Description:
Page from the series entitled "Jidai Mo Iu Ataru Shiranami" in Japanese series ("Notorious Thieves of the Day"). The thief Kumokiri Nin Sayeimon (?) shown seated on a wood chest with a smoking pipe in his mouth, a tabacco pouch in his right hand and his left hand drawn across his chest to hold a tie-dyed cloth at the back of his neck. The figure is dressed in a short dark coat with a design of a rampant dragon and wears thongs on his feet. Condition: Good. Needed to be rematted, but was rematted on 6/1/79.

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