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Frame with Portrait Engraving of Man in Profile Facing Right

Catalogue Description:
Round-arched frame (a) with mushroom-shaped opening and two rectangular projections on lower edge serving as feet. The frame is ornamented to resemble a cross-section of a railway tunnel. Near the picture edge is acid-etched fill comprising dots and small triangles; outside of this irregular area is filled with acid-etched pebble shapes; along outer edge of frame are trapezoidal forms filled with cross-hatching. In lower left of frame is a rectangle comprising 12 canted squares, each filled with four circles. In the lower right of frame is a rectangular panel (switch box?) engraved with canted squares on left edge and with inscription. Inside the frame (b) is glazed photogravure of a man, profile facing right. The backing of the frame (c) is blue velvet-covered cardboard with a hinged prop. CONDITION: Some minor wear to velvet, otherwise excellent.

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