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Dinner Fork, Lorne Pattern

Catalogue Description:
Dinner fork with four straight tines. First inch of handle is undecorated. The decoration begins with a small molded triangle then a narrow band of ovals and dots surrounded by narrow horizontal bands above and below. Then a broader band of elongated ovals and then more narrow horizontal lines. Next is a band with short diagonal of three dots and then more narrow bands. Next is a one-inch long area with an asymmetric floral design with three full-face flowers, stems, leaves and buds. This is surmounted by a band of five horizontal florets above which is a central floret topped by an anthemion-like motif between symmetric scrolls and fluting that trails out and up towards the curved end of the handle creating a large blank reserve that continues with no decoration to the end of the handle. The reverse is blank. Lorne Pattern. Condition: Good; some loss on heel and to sides of tines on bottom. Normal wear; some scratches.

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