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Salesman's Sample of Kensington Tiles

Catalogue Description:
Tile made of embossed composition board, varnished with transparent ochre-colored varnish. The composition consists of a gaunt elderly man in profile, facing to the right edge of tile. The hollowed-cheek figure has a beard and mustache, his eyes heavy-lidded, and wearing a stocking cap. The figure is in very high relief. Impressed in front: "The / Lean / & / Slip / peered / Pantaloon". Imprinted in bottom, center edge is: "S. Van Campen (indistinct lettering) N.Y." CONDITION - Good; warped, bowing in the center. Varnished surface is cracked, most notably on the highest areas of relief, such as cheekbones, slipper cap and brows.

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