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Catalogue Description:
Ramu River wood male figure, with one pierced shell attached with fiber to each upper arm. Dull brown patina. Oval face with deeply incised grooves of concentric ovals depicting eyes; slight vertical ridge on forehead extends down to probiscis-like nose. Ears indicated by small rectangles pierced with two holes protruding from each side of head. Head surmounted with reptile-like creature with its head extending toward forehead and tail extending down back of head. Spirals incised on each shoulder blade; raised wood circles along collar bone continuing down thin cylindrical arms. Hands rest on sides of thighs, with incised lines indicating fingers. Protruding buttocks, flattened at back; male genitalia depicted. Slightly bent legs with center ridge extending entire length. Blockish oval shaped feet with incised lines depicting short toes.

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