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Fragmentary Funerary Stela

Catalogue Description:
Limestone stela with pointed top. Within the pointed top is a representation of a sun-barque (the boat is lower on the right side than on the left). The barque surmounts a round-topped register which, in turn, surmounts eight columns of hieroglyphs. At the bottom on each side, is a representation of a standing man wearing a long skirt. Both men hold their arms up in a gesture of adoration. Each of these figures terminates the two columns of text closest to each end. In the round-topped register there is a figure, at the left end, of a man kneeling in a pose of adoration before a small offering table. Above him is an inscription. [drawing of hieroglyphic inscription] (three columns) Facing him are a series of deities. From the right to the left they are Osiris, a falcon-headed god wearing the Double-Crown, a goddess, a god wearing tall plumes, and three deified kings identified by cartouches. Terminating this row of figures is an ankh holding an ostrich feather. The eight columns of text are divided into two parts of four columns each. Each part reads from the center of the stela outwards. The inscription is as follows: [drawing of hieroglyphic inscription] Before the man on the right is [drawing of hieroglyphic inscription]. Figures and inscriptions are in sunk relief. Condition: Stone is blackened; large chips out of bottom edge; lower part of standing man on right missing; chip out of skirt of man in left; edges all rough and chipped.

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