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One-quart Tankard

Catalogue Description:
Pewter tankard with hinged lid. Cylindrical body is banded around foot and tapers as it rises to banded top edge. Attached handle in shape of truncated "S" with short tail end terminating in a ball; raided molding and drop below hinge. Flat-domed lid fits over mouth of tankard, has flat, projecting rim with crenate edge in section opposite handle. Lid hinged to top of handle by thumb piece with grooved, scrolled end. CONDITION: Fair; badly tarnished, especially on handle; allover scratches, pitting, and spots of discoloration; bottom and top edges of tankard bent / misshapen in a couple of places; deep small notch in side of handle near center; hinge loose; white corrosion (?) around joins of thumb piece and handle.

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