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Inari Bridge and Minato Shrine, Teppozu, No. 77 from One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Catalogue Description:
This particular place, where the Kyobashi River entered Hatchobori (Eight-Cho Canal) was where the large ships from western Japan were anchored and their cargoes were transformed into small lighters for distribution to the quays and storehouses that lined the canals. In the foreground are the masts of two cargo ships and in the background are the lighters heading into the warehouse-lined canal. The Minato (Harbor) Inari Shrine lies half-hidden at the left behind a red fence and was one of the oldest shrines in Edo. It survives today as well as Inari Bridge. Blue "bokashi" covers much of the sky and there is overprinting on the foreground masts. In the center there is a narrow strip of blue "bokashi" on the water.

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