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Model of House of Contentment

Catalogue Description:
Model house with front section having a totem pole in the center and a house post at either end. The house model was made for visitors to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893 as a traditional example of Haida architecture. There is a split in the wood of the angled beam below the house post on the proper left side of the front due to a nail which attaches the corner post. Some surface wear but condition generally good. Description from Dean's notes: George Dickson (his grandmother was a daughter of Clads an Coon, her mother was a daughter of the Massett Chief Edenshaw), also mentioned in an account of old houses. Name of house was Seen-ah-Cootkie, House of Contentment. Figure on pole: wasgo, whale, female shaman, three watchmen on top, one on each corner post: adopted through connections with Skidegate family.

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