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"Dragonfly" Lamp

Although Louis Comfort Tiffany was an accomplished painter, perhaps his greatest talent lay in running the vast art studio that bore his name in which he inspired artisans to create objects using his artistic vocabulary. Despite the fact that many individual artists worked for him, their output has a remarkable degree of aesthetic coherence. This lamp designed by Clara Driscoll was first produced in 1899 and combines colored glass overlaid with metal dragonflies. Tiffany lamp shades were often matched with a variety of bases to satisfy the taste of the consumer. Although the bases were most often green patinated bronze, as seen here, some were gilded (see 67.120.55) or incorporated Tiffany glass mosaic tiles, and others were ceramic bases purchased from various American potteries. The shades could also be inverted and mounted as ceiling fixtures.

Catalogue Description:
Table lamp in glass, lead, and bronze. "Dragonfly" design shade of predominantly amber and blue colors. Upper portion of shade is veined; lower portion decorated with band of dragonflies with outspread wings overlaid in pierced bronze encircling perimeter. Three light sockets on horizontally curving arms; vasiform shaft with vertical lobes; circular base with undulating ribbed surface. CONDITION: Excellent

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