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Helmet Mask (Zogbe) for Sande Society

Catalogue Description:
Wooden helmet mask framed by intricate coiffure. Bulbous forehead projects as a ridge over facial features: eyes as 2 incised slits (one slightly higher than the other); blocklike nose, wider at base than at top; mouth as a lightly incised depression in area of chin which swells outward; ears at sides as inverted c-forms with a raised ridge. Coiffure; series of six ridged lobes of hair-resembling horns that extend from the crown to the sides of the head and taper to a point at the tips; surface ridges take on a herringbone-like configuration; 2 knoblike protrusions at either end (front and back-back knob perforated by a circular hole); series of parallel horizontal holes around perimeter of base. Color: black Condition: Good. Proper right side: break in surface between 1st and 2nd lobes of hair patched with a piece of tape painted black. Crack along contour of 1st lobe of hair also patched with tape. 2 cracks in surface of crown. Slight chipping off of coiffure tips, proper left side of nose.

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