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Bhairava Raga, Page from a Ragamala Series

Catalogue Description:
Bhairava Raga: Shiva seated in palace, attended by handmaidens Folio from a dispersed Ragamala series Shiva in his terrifying from, Bhairava, is seated under an elephant hide canopy, attended by two women. He holds a vina in his right hand and raises his left in some gesture. His hair is piled in a high chignon and his skin is darkened with ashes, denoting his ascetic status. A night scene, the raga is situated in an ornamented pavilion with a small pool in the foreground. A peacock stands on the roof. The image is bordered with gold and black rules and is placed on a red border with silver meander pattern. Condition: Arrived matted; some gold leaf flaking. Otherwise good.

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