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Catalogue Description:
Desk; Various woods, glass textile; hardware. (a) Carcass: upright rectangular form with canted corners flanked by three-tiered semi-cylindrical forms of graduated circumference with narrow space between each level for insertion of four semi-circular glass shelves; fabric pasted to surfaces of glass slots; carcass rests on conforming plinth; top drawer with fall-front on hinges sits over two-door cabinet containing one adjustable shelf; top of desk with burl veneer; front and back veneered with same in light and dark stain design in an symmetrical zigzag pattern; frame around front and back in light/dark chevron design; triangular veneer surrounds escutcheon on drawer and proper left door front; drawer of carcass has two wood knobs carved with stepped squares with canted corners with an "S" in central top square. (b) Drawer: interior of desk with ten pigeon holes in symmetrical arrangement flanking a central drawer with turned wood knob; pigeon-hole unit is separately constructed and fitted into drawer with screws; small interior drawer with burl veneer; underside of drawer-desk has two plain wooden knobs serving as stops. (c-j) eight semi-circular graduated glass shelves. (k) Key: single brass key with {triangle with two canted corners and initials SHK/ES". CONDITION: Good; veneer in front, back and top are clean, and only a few chips including two to front frame around doors and drawer; fabric is water-stained and deteriorating; veneer on sides appears t be heat damaged; wear from normal use around knobs and keyholes; interior of cabinet and drawer-desk scratched from normal wear; of glass shelves, a number are chipped, all are scratched and have deteriorated edging material (such as felt and tape); needs overall cleaning.

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