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Personal Miniature Mask (Ma Go)

Small, personal masks function as amulets, linking the owner with a particular spirit force that assists and protects him. Normally, they are kept hidden and brought out only during special rituals. When the owner travels, he carries the mask and may occasionally show it to indicate his association with a personal guardian spirit.

Catalogue Description:
Oval human face. Protruding face with double ridge along center. Eye area at base of forehead obscured by organic matter. Ears (semi-circular) protrude at eye level. Nose slopes upward, tip 1/2" long. Down-turned mouth, protruding lips. Pointy chin. CONDITION: Overall dirt and abrasions. Possible insect damage along one edge. Fibers or feathers embedded in two places, near eyes and near one ear. Chips on rear or both ears. Two holes on edges just above ear level (one hole through, other hole clogged).

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