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Jug, Tam O'Shanter

Catalogue Description:
Pitcher with hinged pewter lid. Tam O'Shanter jug in unglazed buff earthenware; angular bellied form. Inside and handle glazed. Modeled C-shaped handle, separately molded and applied. High molded relief decoration on front and back of scenes based on illustrations by Landseer, engraved by Thomson & Slader. People in tavern smoking, drinking and talking. On other side a horseman is trying to escape over a bridge in the woods. Two spirits follow him: one holding the horse's tail; the other holding a broom. On the neck of the pitcher is a wreath of thistles and leaves and then a band of fluted decoration. Along the rim are scrolls. On the base is a lambrequin decoration. The handle, which terminates in acanthus leaves, consists of an arm and a hand holding onto the horse's tail. The lid opens with a fleur-de-lis finial. Condition: Normal wear. Corrosion. to metal lid and edges near hinge are bent. Handle has been broken and reattached with old staple-repair at lower junction.

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