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Salad Tong Fork, from a Five Piece Set of Serving Utensils

Catalogue Description:
Salad tong fork. Stainless steel and Lucite. The stainless steel, ovoid shaped bowl has two cutout tines. The applied, cylindrical handle is attached to the base through an insertion into a slit in the handle. The lower 1/4 of the handle is stainless steel that curves up and then levels out. The upper 3/4 of the handle is a clear plastic that is smaller in diameter than the metal section. The plastic section is inserted into the stainless steel handle. Condition: Good condition. One tine of the fork is broken off. The broken tine is taped to the base. Overall minor abrasions due to use. Catalogued by Judith Pineiro 2-22-2000 Entered by Kendra Weisbin 2-10-2005

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