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Table Lamp

Catalogue Description:
"Study Lamp" Model 100, plastic, metal and paper. Lamp composed of (a) brown Bakelite (?) plastic base, (b) paper shade with plastic filter, and (c) original cardboard box. (a) Circular base from one side of which rises a tapering, trumpet-shaped stem, into which fits the light bulb, and on top of which floats a round, plastic disc to carry (b) the shade, which is circular at the bottom, but rising at an angle to a circular opening at one side. CONDITION: (a) Overall good. Copper-plated pedestal between base and stem with much of surface scratched or worn away. No significant scratches or marks to plastic surfaces. (b) Worn and dirty, with two areas dented: with the long shade facing the viewer, the first just off center to proper left, an area about three inches in diameter. That area is pushed in flat, no longer rounded to curvature of shade (about 3 x 1 1/2"), with cracks and discolorations to the surface; opposite side with minor scuffs. Dark brown crown of shade worn with some tearing. Inside of crown with tears to surface and indications of re-gluing. Polaroid on underside of shade worn, and torn slightly to proper right along edge.

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