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Catalogue Description:
Pomele-burled mahogany veneer over hardwood frame with ebonized marquetry accents, upholstered with dark blue flecked wool. Solid chair with strong sense of (irregular) geometry, somewhat Biedermeier character or inspiration. Wooden frame of chair rises to a flat-topped arch along top, and wraps around the seat to form sides and armrests. Sides curve up and outward from seat, and are rolled over to form scroll-like armrests. Wide, flat front stiles joined to the continuous chair back / sides at right angle and conform to curve and scroll of armrests. Stiles continue and widen into blocky front legs, outer edge of leg flares out to form trapezoidal shape; ebonized round rod applied to outer edge of front legs from the seat rail to floor. Chair has two blocky, splayed back legs. Horizontal seat rails join the legs. Frame decorated with ebonized inlay: two small circles in center of scroll form at top of front stiles, and regularly spaced triangles along front seat rail. Seat is a trapezoid shape, tapering toward back and fitted with thick cushion. Sides and seat back are upholstered and divided into five sections with piping; upholstering continues over rounded top edges to cover the outer sides and back of chair. All seams and seat cushion edges marked with piping. CONDITION: Good, some small nicks on top and outside edge. Proper right front bumper (black cylinder) not flush against leg as left one (manufacturing defect).

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