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Teapot and Lid from Three Piece Tea Service, Kyoto Homage Pattern

Catalogue Description:
Porcelain teapot (a) and lid (b), white ground with vitreous glaze, "Kyoto Homage" pattern. Horizontal, rectangular shaped teapot, slightly bowed on long sides; short, truncated, semi-conical spout; rattan handle attached through two applied porcelain loops on top of pot. Flat rectangular lid with strip finial. The teapot is decorated with turquoise, lavender, peach, terracotta and black in abstract patterns. Front and rear of pot has ground of diagonal and vertical bands of color and a reserve of white with "confetti" pattern interior. Ends are terracotta, "double dot" pattern; top is lavender, "double dot"; lid is turquoise, "double dot". Part of three-piece tea service, 87.120.2a-b (sugar bowl) & 87.120.3 (creamer). CONDITION: Fine

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