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Bas-relief Panel from Soda Fountain

Catalogue Description:
Bas-relief panel from a soda fountain, silver-plate on copper and brass. Wide rectangular panel with wider rod framing top edge. Each end of panel is framed by a simple vertical rod and at each end is a panel of unornamented silver. Between the two unornamented panels is the main pictorial panel that has dentils at the top. At the bottom, on a stippled ground and in gothic letters: "NEW YORK [within strapwork]/ JOHN MATTHEWS PATENT; MDCCCLXV [within strapwork]." The central panel depicts a bearded man in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer through a craggy, icy landscape. A dog runs along with the reindeer and a polar bear peeks over an ice cap. In the sleigh with the man is an over-sized siphon bottle. Under the sleigh is the inscription: "K. MULLER." Flanking this panel are two narrow panels with diamond lozenges and two square panels with gothic tracery. At each end of the upper edge is a pierced, openwork hinge, rounded triangle in shape. CONDITION: Significant wear to silver-plate with copper and brass showing through in many places. Scratches and dents to surface throughout. Many patches of old oxidation.

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