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Cake Basket

Catalogue Description:
Cake basket, silver. Pointed oval body with down-turned rim sits on foot comprising oval disc and domed, stepped concave stem with beading at juncture of disc and stem. Interior of basket body has matte finish and is engraved with a border of outlined diaper pattern with engraved anthemia at the two pointed ends of the oval, from which depend two engraved fuchsia blossoms and leaves. In the center of the basket is an engraved oval reserve of outlined diaper pattern surrounding the monogram "VB". The arched double handle of the basket terminates in a turned, beaded, lateral knob at the top and bifurcates to two junctures on each long side of the body. Between the two parts of the bifurcated handle on each side are three, three dimensional, naturalistic fuchsia blossoms and nine leaves. CONDITION: Rim of body bent slightly out of shape in several places.

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