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Storage Unit

Catalogue Description:
Grid-like rectangular storage unit segmented into eight interchangeable compartments of cupboards, drawers, and open shelves. Six white metal framing uprights are L-shaped in profile and perforated; they run from top to bottom where they end in six short legs with rubber pads. Top of unit continuous rectangular piece with black plastic laminate veneer. Four horizontal levels comprising arrangement of variable and interchangeable components (described from top to bottom by level, from left to right around the exterior): top level has two side-by-side compartments with dimpled molded birch plywood sliding doors, side and back panels in blue, yellow and red Masonite; second level is two open shelves separated by white Masonite divider, proper right back and side with crossed white metal rods in X shape, proper left back with perforated white metal, proper left side with white Masonite; third level has three metal and plywood drawers in proper right unit with U-shaped horizontal white metal handles, proper left unit is open shelf with no back, proper left side and proper right side and back with white Masonite; fourth level is two compartments with same sliding doors as first level, side panels of blue, white, red and blue Masonite. All shelf bottoms are black plastic laminate veneer; interior side of all panels described is same color as their exterior. CONDITION - Good,

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