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Side Chair, Model 420-2

Catalogue Description:
Model 420-2, Side chair of white rubber-coated metal and black metal rods, with seat pad upholstered in orange vinyl. Chair formed by rectangular piece of white, rubber-coated wire grid bent into a continuous seat and back with rounded corners and sides. Seat bolted to supporting base composed a single length of black metal rod bent into slightly raised platform (rod starts / ends at front, rises to seat rail that runs along each side, then down to a kind of stretcher across back). This base is soldered to the tops of four canted legs, made of a single length of black metal rod bent into shape (rod starts / ends at top of back legs, runs along floor between front and back legs, and runs across front of chair at top of legs). Rectangular seat cushion is thin pad of foam rubber covered with orange vinyl; attaches to seat with straps and snap on underside. CONDITION: Good; chair has all-over dirt and several scratches on legs; pad is dirty and strap is stretched out.

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